Monday, December 15, 2008

Walking Doll Joints

Okay, beside the doll being you recognize the leg joints? I find this mechanism very intriguing. What makes it tick? Or walk? I should say.
My doll is from the fifties and its composition is hard plastic. Hard plastic maintains it's structure, color and shape, rough play is the only enemy. I can figure the walking joints are best installed in hard plastic.
The walking starts with the feet planted on the floor, tipping the doll slightly backwards creates a lifting of one leg. Children could play like this repeatedly for hours. Some walkers also have a mechanism that will move the head side to side while taking each step.
I haven't a clue how, nor have I ever seen the mechanising outside a doll's body. This side view is a little blurry but I thought it was a neat picture.
I wouldn't be able to retake it ever again. I've a nosey dog.
Here is a short snippet of the walking with me manually moving one leg.

I'll portray the doll at a later time. C&G Design.


Kathleen said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog on Pink Saturday to say HI. I love the ornaments you showcased for the day. Kathleen

Skeeter said...

What is it about dogs wanting to sniff butts? tee hee...

I vaguely remember a doll that walked when you squeezed it hands. Squeeze a hand and the leg moved. Do you know the dolls I am talking about? Maybe I am crazy but I think I recall something like that....

Jean said...

How many dolls do you have anyway? I am guessing it is a lot. I had no idea you had as many.

lola said...

Cute. I've seen these dolls. Never had any myself. Mine were filled with sawdust. Snap, crackle & pop. Have you ever seen them. Maybe you're too young.
Maybe Jean does.

tina said...

Quick hi from here in the sunny sunny south!

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
Thank-you Kathleen, took me awhile to get the card on my computer.
Skeeter, Yes, thse are the 32'' walkers, wears size 2 toddler, the little girl/boy has to do the walking tho. That's my dog for ya!
Mom, yep I have quite a few, JOAT's doesn't seem to mind my collection, he knows I live for the find at a flea mkt or thrift shop.
Hi Lola, Yes! I remember snap, crackle and pop, and the cereal. I remember them being sold but I think it was a reissue because they were stuffed with fluff.
Hi Tina, Christy called on her cell phone, family day. She sounded good.