Sunday, December 14, 2008

Felt Ornaments-Wreath

Although I like this ornament I put it off for awhile, I had plans to do it after the Poinsetta Star, basicly because it's simple like the star. It didn't work out that way because I started being picky about the colors in each of the ornaments, I don't want too much red, too much green and so forth. I should know by now that once I start thinking "picky" I'm in trouble. I've since changed my mind about the selected ornaments I want to make. What to do now?

I'm pleased with the color of this wreath, a few french knots and we are ready for stuffing. That's the difficult part...rounded or narrow strips tend to need to be glued while stuffing, not glued then stuffed through a small open spot. The polyester tends to get in the way.

A ribbon, a hanger, and wa-la. C&G Design.


Cinj said...

Oh, that's very cute. Gluing would have been so much easier than the sewing I did on mine. What in the world was I thinking????

Son is planning on making his teachers some ornaments today. I wonder what he'll come up with...

Jean said...

It is very cute Dawn.

Did your power go out with the ice storm or did you get snow? We got no snow but half inch of ice. The trees (everything, actually) was so coated and pretty but we lost power Frid morn and did'nt get it back till last night. Phones were in and out. Cable and internet just came back about 2 hours ago. It was right around freezing and a little about thru it all so it was not too bad. I had water drawn off ahead of time and we put the k1 heater in the living room and the wall unit gas heater stays on anyway (thanks Jack of all trades). We had the portable gas heater JOAT"S gave us ready to go but did'nt need it as we were toasty warm. Just a pain to deal with no power. They say tomorrow will be in the 50's to 60's. Crazy!!Usually your area seems to get the hardest hit but have heard nothing about it this storm. I have my battery tv so kept up on the news. I suspose it will no longer work after the ditigal singals become standard in Feb. Ughhhh!!

Dawn said...

We got about 3/4 inches of snow with the ice and freezing rain atop of it, power flicked out during the night, school was called. I figured when you weren't on, that you had lost power and I knew you had heat. Unusual for us to get the littlest part of it. 8 today and really warm tomorrow, crazy is the word considering I can't remember this many storms before Christmas!