Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Big Nor'easter Storm

Look at what I saw when I woke up yesterday morning. Darn, I was feeling so close to spring too! This storm dumped at least 24 inches,of real sticky snow. My poor pin cherry trees. Oh well, they are coming out anyway, can't get this mobile out without damaging the the trees.
One of my favorite hemlock trees....it's overhanging my rock wall now!!!

Look! A brown spot in nature!

The hemlock that is nearest my deck, goodness.

Pitiful pine tree I planted 10 years ago.

Massive trees right outside my bedroom window, should I worry? I always worry about these when the wind blows.

I have never seen this much snow sticking to the siding before, not from a fall at least. Maybe from snow blowing a walkway, although snow should never be blown towards a dwelling.

My kids had this day off from school (Monday), it's a planned day for my district, extending the February vacation I guess.
Did we have fun teasing them about school being cancelled. Back to the grindstone now!
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Kathleen said...

This is one of the worst storms I can remember. And I have never seen so much snow in one storm. I will posting photos myself today. We Mainers are tough. Hang in there! Hugs, Kathleen

Dawn said...

Kathleen, this was a bad storm!

Skeeter said...

My fingers are to cold to type from just looking at your pics Dawn! Burrrr, I bet you are so ready for spring after this one. Hang in there as it is on the way....

lola said...

OMG I haven't seen anything like that in yrs. How in the world do you manage with all that white stuff? You for sure can't go anywhere. I remember the bad snow storm in 1950. What a storm.
I hope it all melts soon for you.

Dawn said...

Skeeter, another storm on Friday! rain on the coast, snow in my area, maybe because of that....not too much.
Lola, Yes, I tied at home for today, while some of it on the road melts still.

Jean said...

OMG, at least 24 inches!!! We only got 8 to 10 inches but oh it was so wet and heavy and I still have a birch tree laying on the ground but it is all so pretty. Like Kathleen said, we Mainers are tough. Tough enough that Terri-Lynn drove to Bidderford yesterday.
Must be 75 miles or more!!! Most of the snow is now off my trees except the Birches. Today is colder than during the storm. Only 32 now.

tina said...

Your storm made the national news too. See why I live in the south!!

Dawn said...

sunny but we still have weighting snow on the trees.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Wow that is a lot of snow! People have a fit when we get an inch or two here. Hope it melts away quickly and doesn't damage your trees!