Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love Hearts

What's better for sweetheart's day than a good Love Heart? Getting one from a secret admirer, or a flamboyant crush, it doesn't matter, Valentines day wouldn't be the same with out them. See more Valentine pink at Beverly's.
Wikipedia defines Love Hearts as a confectionery manufactured by Swizzels Matlow in the United Kingdom. A hard fizzy tablet like sweet in a variety of fruit flavors featuring a love related message on one side. Ah...I remember them well.....






Purple-Perfumed berry

Red-Rich berry

They make me drool! Which one is your favorite and which message would you prefer?

There are many messages (it is uncommon to find more than 3 repeats in a packet of 20). These include:
Be My Love
Just Me
Hug Me
Dream Girl
Dream Boy
Cutie Pie
New Love
Call Me
Nice Girl
Hi Buddy
U Rok
Its Love
My Wee Girl
Tease Me
I Love You
Cool Dude
Meet Me
Groovy Chick
Luv U 24/7
My Angel
True Lips
Cheeky Girl
Cheeky Boy
I Surrender
Will You
Just Say No
For Keeps
Hold Me
First Love
You're Fab
Say Yes
You're Gorgeous
Grow Up
Great Fun
Love You
Lucky Day
Cuddle Me
Great Lips
Funny Face
Trust Me
How Sweet
Only You
Bonnie Lass
D'oh! (spelt "Doh!")
Blue Eyes
Sweet You
Cutie Pie
Happy Birthday
Kiss Me
Like Me
Guess Who
Cool Kid
I Want U
For Ever
Heart Desire
Lets Dance
Angel Face
My Hero
Like You
Cute Kid
Wild Thing
Lush Lips
Marry Me
Sweet Kiss
Be Mine
Good Pals
Real Love
My Pet
Oh Boy
My Girl
My Boy
Tickle Monster
Bye Bye
Hi Baby
Miss Me
Ever Yours
Email Me
Be My Icon
Canny Lad
Too Much
Dear One
Hot Lips
I Spy
All Yours
Find Me
Take It Easy
Catch Me
In Love
Be My Love
You're Mine
Heart Throb
I Like You
You And I
Send Me
Slick Chick
Bad Boy
Date Me
Stay Cool
I'm Shy
Text Me
My Pal
Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Valentines Day! C&G Design.


Kieny The Dutchlady said...

When I was a child in Holland we used to have a similar kind of candy but the hearts didn't have as many messages. I loved the lemon ones the best.

tina said...

I like hearts-candy is the best kind too. Happy Valentine's Day to you. Not sure why the feed did not work but I don't think it is the blog. You might check other blogrolls.

Jean said...

WOW!!!! I had no idea that they now have so many sayings on them. I don't care much for them but it does bring back memories of the "good ole days".

Happy Pink Saturday and Valentines Day to all.

Skeeter said...

Gee, so many words to pick from. I think I will print the list and shoot an arrow at them and the one hit, gets my vote!

I like the orange ones, they are yummy! But with the other type hearts, I like the purple ones best! They are now branching out. According to our paper, you will find the hearts during all occasions as you see the Peeps now for many occasions.

I bet there will be lots of Pink Hearts on the blogs today for Pink Saturday!


Kathleen said...

All those sayings? I had no idea. I always like the pink ones...I am a berry-girl. I like the saying, "kiss me" the best, although, "Text me" is really with the current day. Is it windy there? It is just a whipping here...wind chills are just that, chilling! Hugs, Kathleen

Mermaid Debbie said...

I would choose the Dream Girl heart! Thanks for the informative Pink Saturday post.

Diane said...

Hi Dawn,

Great post, I still like to eat them, but had no idea about the history.

Thanks for dropping by for a visit! Murphy loves most fruits and vegetables. He just gobbled up the strawberries. It probably helped that there were some bits of frosting from resting next to the cakes. He would have eaten them anyway though. ☺

Happy Valentine's Day & a Happy Pink Saturday too! ♥ Diane

KayEllen said...

Such a cute entry!!
Happy Pink Valentines Saturday!!!
Thanks for stopping by ;-)
Have a wonderful weekend!


Riet said...

I remember these but I don't remember which ones I liked best. Happy pink Valentine's day

Sit-N-Chat said...

Boy, I didn't know Love Hearts had so many messages!
I didn't know all this. Pink Saturday is educational after all.

Have a great Lord's Day.


Marie said...

i love the sweet heart candies...reminds me when i was a child i would give my favorite valentine a card & a box of candy.

CC said...

Oooo, which one to choose?? Probably the lemon or orange..and I would take a chance on the saying. :). Happy Valentines Day and have a lovely Pink Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog.
Your blog is a delightful place to visit indeed.
See you another time for the next Pink Saturday.

erin said...

My favorite is most definitely "Tickle Monster"! I also found the glue thing to be cool!

Thank you for visiting my blog! Happy Pink Valentine Saturday!
Erin :)

Mimi said...

Happy Pink Saturday, oh, and ♥Valentine's Day♥ too!! What a lovely sharing today. Thanks so much!

PS: A little late. Spent the day and evening yesterday with my little grandsons. Nothing like three, handsome men for distraction!

Deanna said...

Wow, I never really noticed that those candies had that many messages!

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday and Valentine's Day!
Deanna :D

EnglishCottageRose said...

I love hearts with a message. Who wouldn't? Kiss me has to be my favorite, after all it is Valentines. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Loretta said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I used to adore those candies. Now I hate them. LOL Give me dark chocolate any day! A few years ago I found PLATES in those shapes. I'll have to take a photo for my blog.

Linda said...

Happy Pink Saturday. I have a box of those hearts and now you have peeked my curiousity and I am going to have to open it and see how many of the sayings are included! Thanks for the neat bit of trivia! And thanks for your recent visit to my blog.

Dawn said...

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