Monday, February 2, 2009

Paper Mache Doll-Finishing Touches

I must say, I'm slightly disappointed with my paper mache dolly. Only to the extent that I'd expected something else, more of a smooth texture. I did not do so well on manipulation of the materials either, look at my cheeks. If I had not put a bun on the back of the head, this face would of been made into a fairy, it's very impish. I put modge podge all over the head in a effort to get a better skin. Besides being a sealant, modge podge can be built into a sanded finish.

Here is the end result.......she is pictured with out varnish at this point. But wait! I need to show the eyes......

I have a few cloth doll patterns that call for the fabric to be pulled down over the eyeball itself and I thought I might try this. Sure looks differently than the picture from before this one, looks as if she's undergoing a eye lift! Anyway, she isn't the old fashioned looking doll of the 1800 that I had in mind for a target, she is more of a modern lady. I trudged on, Madame loves her. Maybe I'll give it to her.

Before my legs and arms were completely dried I pinched and pleated the paper mache that ran down the length of the limbs, it narrowed them up to a more appropriate size. I knew I needed to do a second coat of newspaper so the pleat wouldn't be noticed. I cut cardboard soles for the bottom of the shoes.

They didn't turn out too bad. I want to mention that the hands are cupped because I didn't feel skilled enough with the media to make fingers. It works and has been used on many rare dolls.

All varnished and painted. I still think she has a bad case of baggy skin.

I included the last picture because I found it funny that I couldn't tell right from left, and at this point I'm stitching them on! See my string? I had shaped them to be a left and right but once I painted them, it changed the perspective dramatically!

Oh well, on to the torso and clothing. C & G Design


Kathleen said...

This is amazing. She is lovely, has great legs! Her face has character. Can't wait to see her finsihed. Does she have a name yet? My sister Tracey at At Home On The Ridge, has a bunch of old hankies, and dosen't know what to do with them. Any ideas ladies? Have a wonderful Day! Hugs, Kathleen

tina said...

I am really enjoying following you on this project Dawn. She looks wonderful!

Skeeter said...

This is so interesting Dawn! While living in Germany, we went to many Fasching (Carnival, Mardi Graus) parades. I think the huge masks they had on were of this material. Really neat to see it created Step by Step... Great job! I am anxious to see the entire dollie with body….

Kathleen, I remember someone in the Boutique I worked at making Angels from hankies. No idea how but maybe you can investigate that one. I do believe I saw some dolls made from hankies while in Savannah Georgia touring old houses. They would make dolls for the children to play with while in church to keep them quiet. I believe that was the story....

Jean said...

I think she is wonderful Dawn. Not bad at all for a first try. Can't wait till we see the finished beauty.

I have heard the same story about the hankies Skeeter so maybe it could be goggled under hankie dolls. Worth a try.

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
Kathleen, thanks for the compliment, I call her penny for the cost of her!
The story of the doll was posted here, maybe under doll identity. The other thing that is pretty with old hankies is a valance. Tack corners together in a row, fold at the corners (lengthwise) and make a pocket for the curtain (running down the center) rod. The finished valance will hang like a flag banner, it's really cute.
Thanks Tina, Skeeter and mom, I think she is ok but not what I wanted. Remember that I made myself a resolution to finish things? Yep, still trudging. Two more post on her so you won't see the end until Thurs. Off to do Ann's for Wed.