Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Veshneau, the new cat

I'm quite sure we did not need a third cat....Madame thinks we can have numbers to the tenth spot, ahhhh.... we went and did it again. Absolutely no more kitties! Veshneau is part Siamese, which part? Who knows. She has blue eyes....does that count?
She is also slightly crossed eyed, especially when you pet her on her head! I was concerned how docile she would be with the other cats, reportly she is "mellow".

Wooly bosses Sophia and Sophia has much more weight on her then Veshneau. Wooly! Forget it. A Maine coon cat is almost double Veshneaus size, least my Maine coon is, Veshneau......is top cat, Wooly is frightened! Veshneau is sooo possessive of Madame, she follows her around like she's a puppy. Veshneau even growls at Tartarus if he gets to close to Madame.

I guess that's what happens when you original owner is incarcerated and you "loan" your cat to your girlfriend. Your girlfriend dumps you and moves to an apartment, cat goes to ex-girlfriend's daughter's friend. Daughters friend has 3 cats already and when time goes by........parents lay the line. Find Veshneau a home or it's a shelter. Well! That would be Madame's friend too!

Shoo kitty! No eat the dried flowers! C&G Design.


Kathleen said...

Dawn, I am in love with your new cat, Veshneu. She looks like a lynx-point Siamese. She is just beautiful. It's funny, we often call Mr.Ming our "little dog". He talks to us, answers us, comes when called, wakes us up for attention or if he is out of food....I guess what I am saying, is that Siameses have great personality. Congratulations on your new family member. By the way, I have heard that Maine Coon cats are very big in general. Any idea how much yours weighs? I will be sure to let Mr Ming see a pic of your Veshneau...I think he will fall in love. Have a great day, Hugs, Kathleen

lola said...

Pretty kitty. Looks like he's fallen into place--like he's always been there.

tina said...

He is beautiful. What a full house but they are so sweet and giving. btw, want another?:) My little Orkin took out a rabbit the other day. Not Peter though it was a big un! Just kidding on her, I'll keep her but need to train her. Is Veshneau an indoor or outdoor cat?

FairieMoon said...

Pretty kitty! We can't have them here. I am terribly allergic. sigh...

Erin :)


Jean said...

Oh no......are you nuts or what? LOL However, she is a very pretty kitty!

Skeeter said...

What a beautiful new fur baby! I see lots of Siamese in her. As I was reading this, I heard a loud crash in the storage closet. We installed 3 new shelves over the weekend. As I ran towards the closet, I saw a flash of black fur go flying down the stairs in record speed! Not sure which of my nosey roseys it was but my guess would be the clown cat Sheba. A huge plastic container full of silk flowers, the glue gun and sticks and prep board along with two bags full of moss and foam were on the closet floor. At least the glue sticks were not opened yet. Miss Nosy rump had to investigate the new shelves and got into trouble. What is that saying, curiosity killed the cat? Ha, this one could have been squashed by the heavy mess if not careful. I wonder if this was one of her 9 lives. Did not mean to chat on about this but found it so ironic with your last picture of “don’t eat the dried flowers”

Dawn said...

Hi guys,
Kathleen, I was hoping for some insight from you on siamese, she doesn't care to be petted and even though she wants people and will settle on laps, she cringes at snuggling? We have thought she might be full siamese and yes, she talks alot. I was talking about weighing wooly the other day, must do that cause he's big.
Lola, she is fitting better with the other cats, it has helped she started eating from the same bowl.
Tina, sorry about Orkin. I'm hoping for a better friendship with the other two and that way she will hang with them outside.
Erin, I'm beginning to think I'm allergic! But, just need to hair cut the long haired one.
Mom, Madame mentioed her two or three times then her friend phone called about the shelter thingy, if another comes I will question if I'm nuts or not!
Skeeter, no worries about chatting, I always like to hear from everyone. Did Sheba look sheepish or guilty? Lucky for her she didn't hurt herself! I keep saying that saying to wooly, he is so nosey and frightens easy. One of these times he might have a heart attack he's such a fraidy cat! Why is it some cats just LOVE the dried flowers!?!

Dawn said...

Wooly weighs 17 1/2 lbs!
Kathleen, Veshneau does look lynx-point and I'm thinking that's what she is....knowing translation with kids, "part" may mean the hybrid breeding. Reconized hybrid breeding.

Jillian said...

Awwwwww a lovely kitty!