Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A New Book about Raggedy Ann

Hubby brought home another collectible find, this cute little book. Look familiar? My little 8'' x 5 1/2'' book contains the stories I've found on the Project Gutenberg.

I've already blogged about Ann, who learns a lesson + Ann and the kite.

This book is published by Avenel, a company I've never heard before. Inside the book jacket it indicates Avenel is a division of Crown Publishers, Inc. no copyright date though. Is it possible the book is so old it was in circulation before the required copyright stamp? I didn't think so but I was not hoping to find it in one of my value book either.

Some of the picture plates are sketched,

While others have the beautiful, vivid color that Johnny Gruelle is known for.

Much to my surprise, I did find it in the value books and it doesn't have a indication of copyright date either.

My husband got a deal, of course! C&G Design


tina said...

You just can't go wrong with books. It is perfect.

Kathleen said...

The illustrations are amazing. I love getting a deal. We are pretty much cleaaned up from the storm. I wonder what Friday will bring? Hugs, XO Kathleen

Protector of Vintage said...

What a thoughtful husband you have!! Looks like a great book to add to your collection. Take care~

Skeeter said...

You are lucky to have JOAT with a sharp eye out for such fun things! Yep, I was reading titles on the inside and said, "hey we already heard the story of the kite" You must have story time again soon! :-)

Jean said...

Ahhhh, my son-in-law is a sweetie!!
His mother told me one time that if she had picked a wife for him, she could not have done as good as he did cause he got the best. Well, that is so true of how I feel about all of my son-in-laws and, WOWIE, how lucky is that.

Clara Di Vincenzo said...

Ragedy Ann's story is very sad.
This book is a treasure.