Monday, April 27, 2009

The Adams Family Dollhouse

Here is the last of my friend's dollhouses and this is my favorite one! The Aadam's Fammily, snap! snap! Specialized dollhouses are not as common as dollhouse families.

I think this one is beautiful, the outside is captured to a "T".

Truly wonderful. Residing at 0001 Cemetery lane, and later at 1313 Cemetery Lane, next to a swamp.

Gomez, remember he use to kiss up Morticia's arm when she spoke french?

A wall portrait of Uncle Fester, Hey, That plant looks to be from Nintendo's, Mario, only green instead of polka dotted.

Grand mama, brewing a witches potion.

I never understood why this family had a nursery, too funny!

Cousin IT and Lurch! Oh, this brings back floods of memories, Lurch's harpsichord organ must be in the basement!

Morticia in the bedroom, wonder if this family has nightwear similar to day wear. Seem their attire never changes.

Wednesday and Pugsly. Wednesday was always trying to do in Pugsly, but he didn't seem to notice. Poor Wednesday, full of woe.

Uncle Fester with a pumpkin.

Did you know this family was invented by a cartoonist and first ran in the new york Sunday paper? Cartoonist Charles Adams who collaborated with his friend Ray Bradbury? What? A classic sci-fi writer, Fahrenheit 451, etc., that we all were made to read in school! How come they never told us?

Well, I feel gypped. C&G Design


tina said...

Don't think I've ever seen a specialty dollhouse before-it is wonderful. Such detail. I still like the old fashioned one you showcased last week best though. This guy is VERY talented!

lola said...

Way too cool Dawn. I love it. Brings back a lot of memories.

Kathleen said...

What a marvelous doll house. So much detail, and imagination. This guy has talent. Like Tina, I like last week's house the best, but this one is truly unique. Hugs, Kathleen

Jean said...

Yup, I am with Tina and Kathleen in liking last weeks the best. Or maybe the lighthouse as I can't make up my mind. This one is great and the man sure has a true gift from God but I think the other 2 have much more detail. Might have something to do with the fact that I was never a big fan of the Adams family.

Kathleen am I correct in thinking you just had a birthday? If so, I hope it was the best one yet with many more to come.

Protector of Vintage said...

Very neat!! Thanks for posting all those beautiful houses. Love the redwork from a previous post, too!!

HiHo said...

love it, sorta glad I'm running late for pink saturday I never would have seen this great treasure.Happy late pink, heidi

Skeeter said...

This has to be the best doll house ever! I love it! I remember the episode of Lurch missing his harpsecord. Too funny.... I now to to look back and see the one from last week all are talking about...

Dawn said...

Welcome back, Skeeter!