Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Victorian Dollhouse

This is the second post on my friend's dollhouses. This one is Victorian. The gazebo like corner opens up to expose a few rooms,

ONE of the maids in the dining room.

The mistress in the sitting room. All the wallpaper is period and very nice! I love they way all these houses look, but I have the best for last!

Who wouldn't want a balcony like this one?

The twins are on the downstairs porch while the grounds keeper is working hard. BTW, the lawn mower really works!

Ah, two friends and a dog.

All of the cedar shakes were hand cut by the creator.

If my dollhouse project would look so nice.

One of the attic bedrooms with a combo nursery, baby somewhere?

The master bedroom, it has a adjoining door that opens up to the sitting room. Took me a while to figure that one out.

Stairwell hallway, I love the rails!

A manly study, library or den.

Check out the cuckoo clock, it really works! Timex, takes a licking.

Long view of the living room,

more details, see the mail slot?

It's a perfect place that stays perfect, everything is thought of, and very beautiful.

My new camera captured some of the fine, small nuances, and did it very clear. *Sigh* I'll have to get use to another one after figuring out the one I have. (It took me a year)

The other maid preparing a dinner table. Even the ham looks yummy.

I can not even begin to put a value on this dollhouse, time could never be considered.

I can smell the bread and pies!

A sizable home, for a sizable family.

I believe that's a ashtray on the end of the table.

My gentleman customer even made the newspaper.

The elegant bathroom. Oh, so pretty.

Tea and croissants?

Well! All the bases are covered aren't they.

Who would of thought of this one?

Ah, that's what a gardener is for.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit as much as I have. C&G Design.


tina said...

It is a true dream house. And while expensive to make and buy I am sure, sure beats buying the real thing! Those maids I could afford-free! Yours will look as grand too. Now you have some good ideas from his. And nice camera too!

Jean said...

WOW!!!! Incredible!!!! What a talent he has. My goodness, the detailed fine work. I am just in awe. I wonder where he buys the accessories that he buys. I have never seen all the great acccessories before.

BTW, there is nothing wrong with your dollhouse as it is also a great one.

Clara Di Vincenzo said...

beautiful doll house, a dream.

Anonymous said...

amazing! I'm trying to lear how to make some simple doll furniture for photos....this post was great inspiration. Thanks so much for visiting!

Protector of Vintage said...

Such a lovely house!! I have a dollhouse that I put together from a kit when I was a kid. There was a shop in town devoted entirely to dollhouses. I used to save money that was given to me at birthdays, Christmas, etc...and I would spend it on furniture and wallpaper. Now that I've read your post I have an urge to dig the dollhouse out of the attic and spruce it up a bit.

Debbie said...

OMG...I am floored by these houses! The attention to detail is just stunning! Who makes most of these items that go into the houses? They must sell for a huge amount of money. Do you make any of the dolls that go into these? Really...really beautiful work. I have never seen such beautiful doll houses! Thanks for sharing them with us.:)

Kieny The Dutchlady said...

I love the house, all those little details, so much to see!

Skeeter said...

A beautiful house that I would like to call my home! The details is just unbelievable and oh so pretty. Yep, even the ham looks yummy and I do think I can smell the goodies in the kitchen! The brush on the bath mat was a nice touch as well. Such details indeed!