Monday, April 6, 2009


One of my favorite things to make (seems like I say that a lot!), is a rain stick. The sky is the limit on the outside decor of the stick, and the sound filter can be varied a good deal too. I use a thick tube, no matter the stick I thinks it's better to have something durable, a roll of carpet tubing works best. Since it's so thick you will need a drill to achieve the holes for your sound filter, I use bamboo skewers bought at any department store. You can use nails but I like to put my filter through the tube and glue both ends.
Following the spiral of the tubing, you start your first hole about 1 inch down from the top. You mark you hole spots about every two fingers apart. I repeated the holes between the spiral of the tubing, off setting them from the first rows.
It's hard to photograph the helix that is made, you get the general idea though.

Before I fill my rain stick I need to have two plugs, one for each end. Did I mention I'm doing three? Yep, I've had this idea bopping around in my brain for about two months, I had time to refine it so making three isn't a big deal.
Anyway, I digress. We had some hardwood maple left over from the flooring of our house and I thought it perfect for my ends.
Here is the Native American Indian graphic I researched and decided on. Don't ask me what tribe though.

The Water Bird, and Thunder, Clouds + Rain. C&G Design


tina said...

I see it and like it, but don't know what a rainstick is and what it's purpose is? I've never heard of this before. Learning something new each day.

Debbie said...

My God Dawn is there anything that you can't do my friend?? I LOVE rainsticks! They have such a soothing sound to them. I bought my brother one for his birthday once from a cute little stand at the mall. What do you put inside them to make the sound?? Also..are you painting the maple ends and how will you design the outside of the tube. The inside...with the wooden skewers?...looks complicated to me but everything does at first! I can't wait to see the finished product. Will you take pictures as you go so we can see the process? Really cool project and I love the Native American covers idea...nice touch.

Jean said...

Ver neat. The rain sticks I see in catalogs are usually quite pricey.

Kathleen said...

Hi Dawn...I'm back. I feel so behind on everything. I'm with Jean, I don't know what a rainstick is? And the jacket for the doll...did you like make that with no pattern or anything? You are so amazing. Waiting to see the finished projects. Hugs, Kathleen