Friday, April 24, 2009

Shakepeare Block

I didn't quite stick to the pattern of 'vintage block', I used regular varnish for my final coats. The pattern calls for Craquelure varnish, I've never used this product but apparently it cracks and if you rub artist oil paints with a cloth, you'll get a aged look. The link to the vintage block also has a recipe for craquelure varnish. I figured that by using wall paper paste to decoupage my photos, it would create a uneven look, making the eye of the beholder wonder about the age. Also, craft paints applied to wallpaper paste (even while sanded), will cause the paint to crack. You have to be careful with amounts of decoupaging though because it will rub ink from the print.

It did change the color of the engravings from off white to pink! Let's hope the English teacher has a girl!
Portia-wife of Brutus

I'm happy with the way my block turned out, you can slightly tell about the shortness of the top carton but it doesn't detract from it's vintage...ness.
Princess Katherine of France

I'll be doing another one of these although I'm not sure what theme yet. I found my Shakespeare pictures at The Graphics Fairy. Check her out, she has 587 followers! And a beautiful blog.

I must admit, I like this one. Katherine, Taming of the Shrew.

Not pictured is Titania-Queen of the Fairies. C&G Design


tina said...

Looks pretty good. A bit pink for sure. I think the teacher will love it.

Kathleen said...

It came out great. My head is reeling thinking of all the different themes you could do this with. Very nice! Hugs, Kathleen

lola said...

Looks good.

Jean said...

I think it came out great. I should write the Red Sox and tell them you should be on their payroll. Is that David Ortiz? Not sure that is spelled right.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

It turned out great! What a cool idea.