Sunday, April 5, 2009

Plaster doll-clothing

I was just dying to get into my woolen tote to find some vintage fabric to outfit my plaster doll in. I didn't exactly find wool, I found something better. Look at this custom made gown. It's a heavy paisley on top and a lined linen for the skirt. I'd purchased some vintage wear with a cardboard box full of wool and although I hate like heck to take apart a beautifully made dress, the orange has light staining on it.

Someone, who was very talented, worked for a while on this gown. I wonder if it was a bridesmaid dress?

Anyway, I thought the paisley would make up into a wonderful blazer like coat.

Here is the right side of the fabric,

and here it is with cuffed sleeves and waist darts. As one can assume, I've decided to make the pants out of the complimenting orange. I found a perfect silver tank top for the undershirt. I hope she doesn't look too seventies.

I thought, as with every doll, I'd put panties on her. Gee, she is just a little hippy for anything to fit! C&G Design.


Jean said...

The gown is just gorgeous!!

tina said...

I love those colors in the gown. Yes, maybe a bridesmaid dress.

Protector of Vintage said...

Beautiful gown! It's wonderful that you could re-purpose it!!

Debbie said...

You are really talented! What a sight to see that dress and then the little coat you made from the top of it! Very cool. I know what you mean about cutting up's really hard to do! I just did that the other day and it was a kind of excruciating! Once done was cool because I had many pieces of it to do many crafts. I wish I had your talent though for sewing...I am not that good.