Friday, April 10, 2009

School days

I'm going to be political today, hopefully not to overboard though.
Everyone is nervous right now, why must we constantly see in the news about rampaging shooters and cop killers? The younger generation of today (my children), have to live with terrorist acts so unspeakable, I wonder how safe they feel in school.
I never felt I was threatened in school, the closest I ever came was overhead jets flying drills and air horns blaring. We needed to dive under our desk. Even still...that was the seventies and the war was overseas, not on red, white, and blue ground.
Our high school is dead center of town, I mean dead center. EVERY TIME I happen to go by and find all the students out on the grounds, my mind races. Yesterday was no exception. Why would it be a fire drill, it's to cold?
Ah, the passing of the firetruck, humm. No siren. Maybe that's just transporting it to another location. As I sit at the bank, I hear sirens, police sirens. I ask my husband to text my son. A bomb scare? A shakedown for contraband? Or a dissatisfied resident? How bad is the news of today and the atrocious acts upon good people, innocent people? Bad enough to make parents worry.
Both my children tell me when the lock downs have happened, no one knows before hand, and if you sign on to any school, you sign on for lock down drills. I imagine this is the best for coping I just wish it didn't have to happen.
Enough for now, a student pulled the alarm and was not caught. C&G Design


Debbie said...

Dawn...I agree with you must be horrible to wonder what is going on at your childs school and not know for sure. We live in a different world than you and I grew up in. My kids are grown (if you could call it that!)...and I dont have those worries but I certainly have other ones not so daunting as yours. I think that the combination of tv, video games, drugs, bullying in the schools and whatever else you can add to the mix can make a dangerous world sometimes. My kids had their share of "bomb scares" in school. What usually happened was the child that called it in or left a note in the bathroom got squealed on and punished. More kids have to realize it's ok to "tell". I'm sorry you have to worry about this kind of're in the good ol USA.

tina said...

That's a big school! Bad ole student! Those high schoolers-I tell ya!

Jean said...

Yup, sadly, a much different world today. I guess I really should not say sadly because some of the "progress" has been great but some sure as heck, HAS NOT!!!! Too much keeping up with the Jones and sticking up for the kiddo brats and when you hit a brick wall, you can't handle it.

Kathleen said...

Hi Dawn....I agree with Debbie and Jean. This is an awful situation. For all the good things we have come up with in the last 10-15 years...some of it is not so good. Everyday I turn on the news, and at times, cannot believe what I hear. Heartbreaking atrocities. I cannot imagine having kids, and trying to explain all this tragedy and evilness there is. HUgs, Kathleen PS I am still freezing

Protector of Vintage said...

I get quite depressed when I think about the violence of today and school safety is an especially scary subject. The junior high that my daughter attends employs a full-time police officer!!

Jillian said...

Very scary time indeed for kids today. I can't imagine. Maybe that's why I wrote about Good Friday today on my blog?

Have a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by!