Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fab Fabric

I was browsing the local discount store yesterday, really looking for seeds and hoping for outdoor plants, but it's to early.
By gosh, I really know to stay away from the large craft department, I always find something to buy even if I don't need it. Well, there was a sale on certain fabric, $1.99 a yard. Quickly! Did a scurry on by, but....egad, this caught my eye. It sort of looks like a quilt itself, and I suppose it would be adorable worked up as such. But....but, I would like some custom quilt tags, these are perfect to be snipped, signed and attached to the back of a nice blanket.
Some of the blocks look like postcards with cute sayings on them. "It was sew nice to meet you". Is the wording on this one......

and "May we always share a common thread", on yet another.
Major debate going on in the center of the isle, the cutters were so busy cutting, I felt as if, I'd be there forever! I'd look their way and thought. I should of bought when I saw it at.......(store name). I know I'm going to regret not taking the time.

" Weaving the fabric of friendship". Oh, how nice it would be to have these, just one yard....

Yep, melting over a must have, "We admit, we are powerless over fabric".

I do live by this motto, "May your stash be forever plentiful". Sounds good to me.

And moving on the the color ones! I announce. My resolve? Well, I decided if I could see another must have in this humongous isle, I'd bother the cutters, measurers, and or sales people. Really, that was my resolve. Foolish, I know.

"Quilters share a common thread"! These are words to live by!

Tee hee, how funny. How cute!

Luckily, there was a woman on the other side of the isle and I'd already made it 3/4 of the way down my side before I spotted my tags. Maybe if I excuse myself really fast I could miss another 1/2 of the bargain bolts.

Needless, there was nothing else. So I hurried out as fast as my legs would go.
By god, there it was! In the cut remnant bin! One and a half whole yards! Those ladies, I know, must of thought I should have some sort of "anti- freaking fabric" treatment.

BTW, this is my favorite. Hello Jane! C&G Design


tina said...

It says it all doesn't it?:)

Cinj said...

Hey, that picture of Jane looks like me on moving day. Cheesehead was wondering what in the world I was doing with all of that fabric. Hey, it was only 4 hosemobile boxes worth, was it really THAT much fabric? Well, okay maybe it was....

Debbie said...

Hey Dawn...the more I look at new blogs, the more I realize there are many of us that are "addicted" to crafting! I love the idea you have for the adorable fabric...I don't understand "tags" but hopefully someday I will?! Great ideas you come up with and I loved your way of taking us through your adventure in the store...should I buy...shouldn't I buy...is it too busy...maybe not...and by the way...My name is Debbie and I am a craftaholic!

Jean said...

When I enlarged the first one so as to read them, the frabicaholic was also my fav. Had to chuckle and think of you and Nana.

That will be a good use for the tags. Actually on most any crats (that can take a tag).

Good walk thru the shoping trip.

Dawn, probably not too many will know the name of the store as I think they are only in New England and I do not think too many of them are out of Maine. We are the LUCKY ones to have .......!!!!

Hi Cinj....been wondering if you were okay as I had not seen you on here or on Tina's blog for a while. Glad to see you are okay. Has spring sprung in NS yet?