Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Lovely Blog Award

Hi all! This post is about a award given to me by Debbie from Blueberry Plains. Debbie is a very sweet lady who writes about her discoveries, journey's and memories in her life, she is also full of antics, wonderment and energy! Pay her a visit, I'm sure she won't mind.

The rules are as follows:

1. Link back to the person who gave you the award.

Debbie at Blueberry Plains

2. Pass it along to 15 bloggers that are new to you.

Well, some are new, some aren't, they are as follows:

1.The Vintage Protector

2.The Dutchlady

3.Cinj Chat Room

4.Lace 'n' Ribbon Roses

5.Black Eyed Suzie

6.Home of the Faeries


8.House of Houben

9.Painting my Way

10.See Sue Stitch

11.Wool + Water

12.Julie Dolls

13.Apple hill dolls

14.Garrison Garret Fiber Arts

15.Karen's Dolls and Stuff

As with all memes or tags, no one really has to accept their award. I do it as a fun way to meet people. Thank-you, Debbie! C&G Design


tina said...

Congrats on the award to all!

lola said...

I agree, Congrats to all.

Jean said...

Argggggggg I am glad I do not have to come up with 15 names. I think 3 or 4 would be plenty. However, congrats to all.

Debbie said...

Oh Dawn!! You are sooooo sweet...I knew I liked you from the beginning and talk about energy girl....you're the one that has that going on...not me! It's so cool that someone actually took the award and followed through! You deserve it and later on I am going to go and check out all your friends you gave the award to. I have never been to any of them so thanks for introducing me!

Cinj said...

Congratulations and thank you. What a nice award. 15 names is a whole lot of names to come up with too.