Tuesday, June 9, 2009

6th folder, 6th picture, list of 6

Debbie of Blueberry Plains has listed me in the 6,6,6 game, ho...ho that sounds evil. Not really though, rather it's a nice meme asking you to go to the 6th folder of your pictures, find the 6th picture, tell the story about it, then list 6 other bloggers you'd like to see participate. Easy enough? Well, I wiped every picture from my computer at the end of May, can you believe it!? My computer is 3 years old and seriously running low....on memory that is. I had 400+ photos and I was hoping to make it until the end of June before I needed to put them on a disc (6 months), but the darn thing kept freezing. So off they came. Fortunately (I think), Madame has had alot of events at this end of the school year, 2 major trips that I allowed her to take my old camera on. The 6th photo is of the brook trout release trip. The 6th has a classmate sitting in front of this waterfall though, so we backed to the 5th, just the waterfall, I hope this is okay?

This is the second time I've had a kid go thru the trout release as they do it in the 5th grade, same teacher, same program. My son had a few photos from someone else, these are Madame's pictures, all 41.
The release is behind the school, it is a short hike into the woods, down a little hill, to a small brook that is one of many in my area. I love how the ripples photographed in the above picture. I think she said she shot this photo because of the dots in the upper right portion of the photo, she said it was a water spider on the surface of the water. Ugh! Apparently the students had a educational list of things to find, a nature scavenger hunt so to speak.....the water spider was a listed item and a huge hit with the kids.

I told her this was such a artsy photo, she has decay, essential water, basic cells of moss and the structure of life all pictured in this one photo. Sometimes I think my kids believe I'm out there!

Another, much cooler photo of the water spiders, I think Madame felt lucky about this being the closest she'll ever be to these bugs. You can see the real spider in the upper left, in the darkened spot of the photo.

I remember seeing the aquarium insulator tank in the classroom when we went for the end of the school year concert. It had pink board insulation taped around the whole thing and Madame told me they had to put ice in it daily. The insulation was acting as a barrier to keep the noise from startling the small trout, you know, according to my daughter, because they are awful loud and scary in the classroom.

Well, the more than 100 trout were let out in these areas of this brook, the photos look serene and peaceful to me,

as does the sun, filtered thru the trees.

Providing the area with dappled light.

My 6 bloggers are:(as with any Meme, your not obligated to participate)

1. Skeeter from, In the Garden. (I think she will have a interesting photo, she is such a shutterbug.)

2. Jody from, Tumbleweed Trails. (I'm not sure of her area, but it sound Midwest, I'd like to see photos of her area)

3. Jennifer from, Maidenshade (A very interesting subject writer)

4. Protector of vintage (Really neat and cute old things that many have forgotten about, a joy visiting this blog)

5. Cinj from Cinj chatroom (A political writer, food for thought)

6. DP from, Square foot gardening in Nashville. (A sweet person)

Hopefully these little trout won't lose too many as bait fish! C&G Design


tina said...

Very pretty pictures! Love the water and streams.

maidenshade said...

OH You starteled me, lol. I was reading along in your post (I think it is a fun idea and I love your photos - you're quite good at taking them, aren't you???) I was about to comment and there I was, chosen to participate! I feel honored yet again today. TY...

I have a dr appointment, but will get on this later this afternoon.

You know one of the things I love about your blog, is the references to Madam. I just am enchanted. I've had a Ms. Naughty - which is tongue in cheek as she is one of those nearly perfect in every way type girls - but oh how much better she is suited to madam! Wish I'd thought of it.


lola said...

Great post. The pics most interesting. Good job.

Skeeter said...

What a fun game to go back into your files to see old pics! I went into my files to 6 and then 6 and found a fun thing as well. I will add that pic on Saturdays post!

This looks like an awesome adventure for Madame and all children involved! How lucky to have both Babe and Madame witness this and with camera in tow!

Jean said...

What a great learning experience for the school kids to have about nature and the cycle of life. We are so lucky to live in such a great state with so many small schools with such wonderful teachers. Madame did a great job with the camera.

Kathleen said...

If I was a trout I would want to live there. Rain, and 60 degrees. This is summer? Hugs, Kathleen

Debbie said...

Great job Dawn!! Those photos are just gorgeous! It makes me want to go fishing again...it's been a few years. I usually catch and release as I don't eat them. Madame did a great job...as usual. Guess what arrived today! Oh yes...the babies were on my kitchen table in their beautiful box sleeping on their pillow when I got home! I will write all about it in the morning and they are already in their new room and in their new chair! Obie had to inspect everything first...just to be sure...you'll see...I took photos! Thanks again...for the really warm card you sent and the dolls and pillow...just fabulous work! I'm so lucky to have them. Can't wait to show them off.

Tumbleweed Trails said...

What a great post. Wow, thanks for thinking of me! This will be fun to participate in. I'll have so much fun blog hopping as well to see all of the other honorably mentioned blogs and their 6, 6, 6 post. I'm swamped right now cuz of work and inventory, but I'll get my post up just as soon as I can.