Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cute Communications

Breaking news! Upon hearing C&G Design is celebrating a full year in blogging, Raggedy Ann and Andy had to be involved!
It is with shear joy that I, Internet reporter, had the chance to interview this famous brother and sister duo. When Ann and Andy came skipping up to me, many bystanders felt their childhood again and watched carefully with a twinkle in their eyes.
Considering Ann was 90 last year, when asked how old they both felt, the energetic response was "As new as I feel, and that's pretty new with our improved re-stuffing!" A titter came from everyone as well all settled in for our conversation.
ME: "Ann and Andy, Have you heard about the Internet?"
Ann: "Yes, we are not really sure what it is though."
Andy: "Or how it works".
ME: "It is the information superhighway. We are connected by cryptic information traveling across the phone lines or digital cable lines. You can talk to a plushie friend in Japan if you want".
Andy: "What's a plushie?"
Ann: "I can talk to another Japanese Ann?"
ME: "Yes, and many people don't know you are very popular in Japan, as you are in America. Plushie is a stuffed toy, Andy"
Ann & Andy: "Yeah!"

ME: "Raggedy Ann and Andy, How do you feel about C&G Design blogging about you every week, blogging is a written piece published on the Internet."

Ann: "Does it have a good purpose?"

ME: "Yes, many times C&G writes your stories from long ago, stories published by Mr. Gruelle. They always include Mistress, Marcella."

Andy: "Oh, I think anything that describes our adventures with Mistress is okay with us, Mistress is special."

ME: "C&G Design also blogs about your marketed merchandise, both old and new."

Ann: "We have many items made to our likeness."

Andy: "My favorite is the puzzles!"

Ann: "Mine is the penny banks!"
ME: "I like them all. Did you both know that many crafters in the world create and sew Ann and Andy's for maybe a special child or grand baby?"

Ann & Andy: "Ohhh, I we want to meet them, these original Ann and Andy's."

ME: "You will, you just need to let us see your smiling faces!"

With that the interview ended and Andy tugged at Ann to follow him, Ann seemed heavy in thought, she surprised me by presenting a bouquet of flowers she had picked herself, she turned and skipped away with Andy.

Cheers from the observers.

C & G Design


Debbie said...

Oh Ann and Andy are quite the pair now aren't they? Since their attributes are trustworthiness, kindness and spunk, I expected no less from them! Mr. Gruelle would be quite proud!! Great interview....your should be working at CNN or the Portland Press Herald with all that talent....or....maybe writing childrens stories!!

Jean said...

Very cute Dawn, great idea.

Skeeter said...

Cute interview this morning! Is there a Plushie News Network out there?

Tumbleweed Trails said...

What a delightful interview, Dawn. So well written and so well spoken. I enjoyed every bit.


lola said...

What a great story, Dawn. I enjoyed each word. You should be writing children s books. You make it sound so real.
I really enjoy reading your blog each day even tho some times I don't comment.