Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's a Start

Well, with all this rain, what's a person to do. Finish projects. We tidied up our closet that was just finished being lined with cedar so guess what? We moved on to the third floor, my studio. Look what I see.... I'm embarrassed to say, most of what you see in the fore front is my crafts, ribbon, books, fabric, etc. Can you see the two cats? Straight in at the stacked box of three is Sophia, a grey kitty. Behind the gift bag on the right of the picture, just beyond the pipe leg for my drafting table is my Maine coon, he's black.

Here is a view from the other side, you can see the crafts off to the left. We removed most of them and stacked in my bedroom, that's all we did on this day.

It's a start. C&G Design


tina said...

I hope you get it sorted out soon. I too have a craft room and it seems all I do is straighten it out. Sigh.

Lola said...

I'm with Tina---seems all I do is straighten up. I need to get some of it done. At least you will have something to do when it's raining or snow is on the ground 6' deep. lol

Debbie said...

Oh you should see my cellar! I have so many yard sale items, I am running out of room to put them! This is exciting for you will all come together at some point. I love that window. My upstairs room is similar but not as big as yours and boy do I wish I had that window. We women tend to "collect" a lot of "stuff" don't we? I have piles stuffed everywhere in my house!

Jean said...

Just think how nice it will be when the work is finished. Your family will have to go to the 3rd floor to see you! LOL

Skeeter said...

For the life of me, I cannot spot Maine Coon kitty! Me thinks me may see eyes though... Just like my kitties, hanging out in my storage closet amidst the boxes... You sure do have a lot of work ahead of you. But stuff to keep you busy on rainy days and Mondays. Remember that song? lol... Rainy Days and Mondays always get me down… Carpenters I think. :-)

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Best of luck. I am stopped up, but listing supplies to etsy now to fill the time until my husband caulks and paints the playhouse under the stairs and the room-closet across the hall. Then, I will start loading craft stuff in there. But, I know it won't all fit in that tiny room.

I think I have about 4 times that much left to go through. There's just no place to put it! No cellar, no garage. We did find a Salvation Army. Maybe there!

Again, good luck. It is suppose to rain in Vermont all week!