Monday, June 29, 2009

June Allyson Paper Dolls

Who remembers June Allyson, 1917-2006? I do, she was the husky voiced lady who was a Hollywood star , MGM contracted, of film and television in the 40's and 50's. She starred in such shows as, The 3 Musketeers, Little Women, 2 Girls for a Sailor, The Glenn Miller Story and her golden globe award....Too Young to Kiss. Few people know that when June was eight, lightening struck a dead branch and the branch fell on June, maiming her legs with several broken bones and killing a playmate, they were biking.
Against to prognoses of her doctors, who felt she would never walk again, June participated in several swimming programs and learned to re-walk. Inspired by Fred Astaire, June traveled to New York and auditioned for Broadway, she preformed poorly but before she arrived home she had a call back and became part of a choirs line.

Being a self taught dancer she had roles in many musicals starring opposite of stars like James Stewart and she was the most popular female actress for 6 years straight.

My paper dolls were purchased in 1995 and they are a reproduction of a paper doll published in 1954 by Whitman, they have some value for being paper dolls, and some for being June Allyson. The dolls comes with six outfits.

I've left them unopened just because I hope to educate my children about long ago people who have overcome adversity and triumphed over the impossible.
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Kathleen said...

Hi Dawn...Sorry to be gone so long. Since I am trying to catch up, here are my thoughts on your previous posts. I love peonies. The colors, the smell. Oh that smell. I would love to have some...where do I buy plants? Sorry to say I cannot find the cats in the photo...(Where's Waldo?) It is comforting to know I am not alone in my great collection of craft supplies. Good luck. And paper dolls!!! When I was young I loved paper fact I still love them. The background info on June was very intereesting. It continues to rain here in Millinocket....everything is wet, all the time. Help! Hugs, Kathleen

tina said...

Hi Kathleen and welcome back.

Dawn, I did not know this of June. What an awful thing to have happen to you. Great she got some good rehab and looks like nothing ever happened to her.

Debbie said...

Hi Dawn...What a great story about June...I DO remember her. I have a friend in his 70's that was paralyzed on one side after a stroke years ago. The doctors told him her would never recover the use on the side again or walk. He said "watch me"...and he has been walking and fine for years! He pushes himself and is obstinate as hell sometimes, but that's what got him well! I am so sick of the rain here in Maine...we broke a new record...did you hear? You have a lot of interesting stuff my friend!

Jean said...

Oh yes I remember her and I had known about her comeback against the dr's say in the matter but had forgotten all about it and her too I guess. I am shocked that she was # 1 for all those years as back then was was also Liz Taylor, Donna Reed, Barbara Stanwick (do not think that is spelled right), Debbie Renyolds, Lauren Becall (Oh dear, I don't think that was her last name but all I can think of right now), Hepburn, Wyman and many others. Loved the paper dolls and spent hours playing with them when I was a child. Wish I had them today.

Jean said...

I forgot but folks I went to Portlad today and boy oh boy the water between Brunswick and Topsham is high, high, high. It came up over the road back in 1982 or so and it is very close to that now. Next week they say we will have DRY weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

I love June Allyson movies. What a great keepsake! Going to look for one on the old movies channels now. :-)

Lola said...

Hi Dawn,
I remember June but did not know about her accident. Determination & hard work is what put her back. Sad about her friend.
Sure hope you dry out soon. We got some down pours the last couple days. Way too much at once.

Skeeter said...

I enjoy watching the Classic Movie channel so I see June in the old movies! She also was a spokesperson for Depends in her later years, wasn’t she?

I loved paper dolls as a child! They were cheap for mom to buy and they gave me hours of fun dressing and undressing them! Ah, the memories of paper dolls puts a smile on my face! :-)

Hum, I had asked you and Jean both for rain. After seeing what you have to say Jean, I dont think I want any of your rain! That sounds like way too much and we just went through that in early spring. Could you just send us a few buckets instead??? Hope it dries out for you. We should get some soon as the big crepe myrtle is in bloom and a gully washing rain fall always pulls the limbs to the ground! So I am expecting a good rain fall before too long...