Saturday, June 20, 2009

Veggie Garden Update

My sister over at In The Garden has done a post on her veggie garden each 20 th of the month, I have decided to do the same. Be it a very soggy 19th of the month! One of the new additions to the 45' x35' garden is the underground piping to a spigot just outside the garden gate.
It has a y shaped valve leading the water in two different paths, each can be shut off here at the entrance. Wonderful! No more walking back and forth!

One path leads to this lovely, expensive sprinkler that claims it has a spray up to 85 feet. We placed in in the middle of the garden and cable tied it to the watermelon A frame in hopes of preventing little feet from tripping on it.

The second path leads to a short hose we use to water all four corners of the garden. Seems the sprinkler waters all the way there but the drops are so big and spread apart, the soil never gets a soaking, we almost lost some corn.

Here we see 3 rows of lettuce, er...2 1/2 maybe. I've never grown lettuce or spinach (the row by the raised bed) for that matter, all information indicated I'll be able to get two crops in. Later last night I discovered some of my gourds are poking thru on the fence to the left. Hip, hip, hooray! My peas which are about a foot, well the sugar snap are but the little marvel aren't, Jack of All Trades believes they don't get much sun beyond the asphalt shingles, the morning sun comes for the left of the picture. I'll never grow little marvel again though.

Six rows of green beans, 3 rows planted 2 weeks after to first were. See my potatoes in the wee far back? Yep, they are ready for another set of tires, rhubarb to the right.


corn, all the veggies are waiting to be thinned, if it will ever stop raining.


carrots, onions and peppers in the far back (peppers aren't doing well, rain trampled), cukes just leafing out and ready to vine.

This is a photo from my bedroom window and the view that greets me every morning. We are proud how well it is coming along, although we really need to pick up the tools, flower boxes, and move the plow truck!

It's there so we can set up the pool again, the pool has been stored in the back of the truck! C&G Design.


lola said...

That's great planning on the garden. It looks great. Sorry about too much rain. Hope it don't drown out your plants. It did my first planting of cukes. The rain would have drowned all my plants if I had not had them in containers.
I picked my first orange bell pepper. So big, but I was pleased.

Debbie said...

Oh Dawn I am so impressed with your garden!!! I have so many questions! First of all you have a HUGE garden. Mine is only 24 by 42 I think? What gave you othe idea to use newspaper filling the rows to ward off weeds? Does it work? What are the tipsy turvey buckets along the fence gate? Is that part of the water system? I LOVE the handmade A-frame trellises you made!! What a great idea to have veggies growing up your fence too! This is truly an amazing garden...a Mainers garden! You put a lot of work into this....much more than I did this year! I can barely keep up with the weeds already but am trying to get out there. Thanks so much for sharing all of the work you put into it. That garden gate with the smiling sun is adorable. You have quite the green thumb my friend!

tina said...

It looks awesome! I am so envious of all the space. Lucky you! And no weeds either? How do you do it? Please do let us know. Ha! Tell JOAT that after all these years of gardening I STILL don't have a drop water spigot though it is on my agenda-and Mr. Fix-it's too (I hope). Good job to him and what a convenience to have water close by.

P.S. I updated the link. When I clicked on the post showing it did not bring me here. I went back and found it. Good job on the post!

Jean said...

It all looks great. This darn rain sucks. I know we need rain but 4 days a week is way too much. Sure does make the weeds grow, well, like weeds!!

Dawn said...

Hi Debbie, Someone mentioned one year to use newspaper for weed control and it does work, I always put them around the tomatoes and the peas, it will also keep fruit, veggies off the dirt. Best of all it can be tilled into the garden! I use at least 4 layers.
The buckets have a few herbs in them, this is the first year I've tried this, so far not doing so hot. I think they dry out to fast. No catnip in the top bucket and I think that's because hosing it has dispersed the seeds. *sign* Live and learn.

Skeeter said...

I am so impressed with how the progress is going in your garden. Although, it does not look as though you need a water spigot in the garden right now. I can only feel your water woes as I too had to deal with it as you know. It is officially summer now so maybe the warm sun will get those wonderful things growing for you! Looking Good...