Friday, June 19, 2009

Fabric Fretting

You know when you have a idea in your head about what you want something to look like? Yeah, I guess I really needed to theme my red work...except I had a great time embroidering the cute looking choices. Hope I don't pay for it when it comes to the framing fabric (sashing around the blocks), but I did. I walked around Joanne's for over a hour with this fabric in tote. It was $6.99 a yard and not exactly what I thought would look good, after all...the only associating animal would be the lion and the parrot. I browsed the nursery fabric (soft flannel) and they had a closer relation, but pink! I found one in the country prints, pig, bunny, lamb and chicken! But it had barnyard printed on it with "farm girl". Ay, iy, iy. Finally I put the safari print back and just left!

I declined any other fabric place and decided the local Marden's would do, if anything I could get something for the garden. I hit pay dirt! Quilting the fabric will no longer be in question, I can red work the outline (dots) of each animal!

These are actually applique panels and they could only sell them by the panel, the cutter thought I was off my rocker when I bought 5 panels (panel=3 rows)

The way I figure...the animals in the first piece of fabric can be cut into rows, this will be the up and down sashing of my quilt. The animals in the above picture , cat, dog, turtle, dolphin, pig, bunny, butterfly, grasshopper, can be the short crosswise sashing, cool huh? I figured 5 1/2 inches wide for all sashing so when everything is all done, I will have a piece that measures 62'' wide by 70'' long. Twin size.

It was much harder cutting the crosswise sashing than what I thought though. C&G Design


Lorraine said...

Love your fabric choice!!:o) Sometimes it does take forever to find that perfect fabric!! Can't wait to see it all done!! BTW-love the crochet hat!

Jillian said...

Good find! You are diligent in your work...and it pays off.


maidenshade said...

Hi I've been off for a few days as I had a bit of minor eyelid surgery. It's better today though. I can't believe the amount of work you put into something like this. WOW. Impressive and the result is so very worth the effort. You do beautiful stuff.


Debbie said...

Ok...I am totally confused Dawn? What you are talking about sounds Greek to me! It's like your speaking another language??? I am so dumb when it comes to this stuff. Are you using the animals and all for cutouts and then putting other fabric over the cutouts? Are you using them for edging? Like I said...I am lost here! It's just me...sewing is fairly new to me again after all these years!

Jean said...

I would sure say that you did indeed hit pay dirt. Best frabic you ever could have found for that project and to have gotten it at Marden's, just another bonus for sure. Most of us on here now about Mardens but I am sure Lola and Skeeter would not is a chain of stores in Maine and I think NH that are discount/outlet stores.

Good going Dawn!!!!

tina said...

I just can't picture it but will follow along.

Dawn said...

Hi Debbie, I'm using them for edging, to make like a frame around each block only because it's a quilt it will share edging with one another. Like the pillow, picture more squares to the sides and top and bottom.

Debbie said...

Oh I get it now!! Thanks Dawn! How cute that is going to be!