Thursday, June 4, 2009

Goals for a Year to Come

A momentous 365 th post,.... that is what today means to me, one full year, everyday. I reread my very first post published June 5, 2008, I briefly spoke about taking my readers with me as I recorded patterns floating around in my head, I said I would show projects I'm working on...past or present and I'd introduced my plans on creating a craft room/studio. Two of the three mentioned are completed goals, I've yet to complete my studio.

Recently my husband asked my niece, "Do you know what will happen when we complete the craft room?.....We will never see her." Darn right! Forget the computer and the hours of sitting in front of will be traded for a sewing machine. "But, hey guys, I'll come from my cave to make supper, Ha!"

The issue is....not enough time or manpower. We still have the mobile to move from our property and until a better place comes along.....boxes are being stored in the extra room, the craft room. I see a yard sale in my future, right there! On the slab of the mobile! Maybe....just maybe I can raise enough to buy carpet for my new room or laminate flooring! You decide.....I'll have a vote for when the time comes. I've already decided (it's a hint) my wall treatment will be pasted patterns! So, now I have collection of cheapie patterns found at Goodwill! Follow me with the plans of my studio, I ask again!

Another goal I've planned for projects this year is 'pincushions'. How I yearn.....yes, yearn, to make these little wonders. How I know the importance of having a great pincushion, one that sharpens your straights while you work! I really want to design a few of my own, and I have the thoughts for them, this year will tell.

I would like to design another ornament for Halloween and Thanksgiving, just one each.

I would like to add another count six set of Christmas ornaments, with the ultimate goal being....6 wood, 6 metal, 6 cloth, etc. I also plan on making a garland of felt to accompany my 15 felt ornaments....and maybe a tree skirt.

I want to explore the art of a mixed media doll, mixed media being cloth with clay, plaster with wood, paper mache with wire, etc. I want to create one or two dolls with this procedure.

Quilts, what can I say about quilts? I would like to finish at least two of these......

My new goal this year will be to concentrate more on upholstery and furniture restoration, be it auto or home, I love making something new again and that is achieved with upholstery/woodworking.

In addition, what can I say about Raggedy Ann and Andy? When I first posted about the becoming of Ann, the writer-Johnny Gruelle and Marcella, I found Ann to still a highly sought search on the Internet. I decided a weekly posting on her would be something I'd wanted to commit to, I pondered.....wouldn't it be nice to get a full 52 posts, information posted once a week on the same subject? A difficult subject not something random like a EBay item. I'm happy to say, I made my wish, and if you ask my husband, he will tell you there were questions about being able to do it. The questions were often. I'm going to continue posting about Ann and Andy on every Wednesday and again, I'll do it for as long as I can.

Finally, I'd really like to thank all my commenter's, I enjoy reading what everyone has to say, everyday. I comment on some blogs that I enjoy and some I just read, they are not necessarily all craft blogs. I find many witty, insightful, and even a few.....sad. The range of my reading includes a blog on COPD, a 36 year old man who just lost his wife of 18 years (half his life), I peruse the photography blogs, and of course, mom's/dads that have children the same age as mine or younger. In all the places I've visited, one blog mentioned how awful it would be if the painting she was doing, turned out dreadful, I must say, this is a reoccurring fear I have about my projects. What I learned restoring Sadie though was actually, it works the opposite for me. I'm much slower doing my work, I pay attention to the smaller details, and I make sure I do the best of my abilities. My blog has prompted me to do that.

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Anonymous said...

You have a most interesting blog.

I did begin a new blog, the other day, about the flowers that bloom here and opened it to the public. If you are interested.

Our Flower Pot

Kathleen said...

Congratulations Dawn on a year of blogging!!! Happy Blogaversary!! I love reading about your projects, and your ideas. I love to see the crafted beauties you so lovingly put together. I love gaining new information that you so graciously share. I love sharing weather news with you. It is a joy to read your blog. Thank you! Looking forward to the sharing the coming year...hugs, Kathleen

Debbie said...

Hi Dawn! What a great trip down memory lane you did! I love it! You are so focused. I can surely relate to your "studio" and wanting to emerse yourself in it with your crafts. I am still working on my room. It was great to read how far you have come in a year with your blog and your goals. You accomplished almost all of them! Bravo! You lovingly share a good deal of yourself through your blogs and your ideas. I have learned a lot. One of my favorites so far was the rain stick. I still want to learn how to do that. Pincushions?? Oh those are so easy and I can see you just excelling at those! I love them too. Everyone got them for xmas last year with their names embroidered on them!...well the girls anyway. Congrats honey on your big year!!

Anonymous said...

OH CONGRATULATIONS on this milestone;-) And for having goals, lol. I love coming to your blog, you're one of my favorites you know.

Well, what can I say. It's been challenging this last little while. My focus has wavered, but my heart is good in spite of blue-screened Fatal Errors, crashes, 'puter woes. I've had dr. appts AND our air went out (I'm in south Florida... 95 yesterday) so I've not been on my blog nor have I come 'round to visit. Interesting week; )

Great list today on MaidenShade Matters, "How Long Can I Keep It? Shelf Lives for Common Foods".


Jean said...

You have done a lot in a years time
and I look forward to the next year. I do not know how you have done the sweet Raggdey's 52 times but sure hope you can do another 52 as they are so uplifting.

Skeeter said...

Yippee! One Year. Congrats to you and a job well done I must say! I did not comment yesterday because your blog would not come up for me when I was on the computer. Some great 1 year anniversary of reading for me... lol... Well, here I am today wishing you another year full of wonderful treats for us all to enjoy! Cant wait to see that craft room…