Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Raggedy Ann+Andy, More Collectibles

On occasion, I've been known to put Raggedy Ann in my search engine, (HA!) I find that each time I do.....results will change considerably.
Today is a post on a few things I found listed on EBay. EBay is a great gauge for the prices paid in a current market value but it is also a wonderful place to find unusual collectibles. This is a Gruelle-Voland set of Ann and Andy. Volland is a early doll making company. These are in wonderful shape and spent their life with one person. At the time of the sale, they had been sitting in a elderly lady's bedroom. As of yesterday (Tuesday) the couple had 12 bids with a bid of $610.00. Buyers will have the rest of today to buy these.

This is a 4'' x 4'' wooden music box by Bob Merrill 1973, Schimd Brothers. It plays "Bon Soir Dame" Yesterday it had 6 bids for a total of $61.00. Buyers will have today to continue to bid.

A beauty for sure, Georgene Averill, she was a doll maker and began the orange colored hair for Ann and Andy. You can date this one by the black outline of the triangle nose. Yesterday saw 10 bids for a total of $107.00, buyers have 5 days left.

Or, how would you like a 7 foot Ann? She is on the Buy it Now for $1250.00 and a $200.00 over sized shipping fee! I'm always so afraid my finger will slip when I'm looking on EBay! The owner of this big, beautiful, Ann has been informed that she was in the Thanksgiving Macy Day Parade in the 1950 or early 60's.

These two are called "Forever Friends", they are 17 inches, cloth, jointed at the neck, arms and legs. They are John Wright, he was a venue doll maker of high quality. He is known for the peddler types, preforming characters and personalities of motion. Ann and Andy are on the Buy it Now for $1595.00 and are part of a limited edition that released only a 1000.

I feel broke just reading about some of these items! C&G Design


lola said...

I like the "Forever Friends" Ann & Andy the best. They look so cute.
Some of those prices would scare people like me to death. I didn't realize some of these were so pricey.

Skeeter said...

Wow, exciting Ann and Andy Day for a collector! For these prices, there must really be a big market for the adorable pair!Good think you dont have what they call a trigger finger. lol

I spotted 3 in a discount store the other day and thought of you Dawn! Dont think I will ever see an Ann or Andy that I dont think of you. :-)

tina said...

I sure wish I had some Raggedy's laying around so I could get some bids too! Watch that finger:)

Kathleen said...

I, too, like the "Forever Friends" Ann & Andy. I have loved Ebay for 10 years now. I love it for selling, and for buying. I frequently use it to gauge prices, and for what is "hot". Loved seeing what these are selling for. Watch that finger, now! Hugs, Kathleen

Debbie said...

My favortie are the forever friends Lola! So sweet! I feel very honored that I have my very first raggedies from you!! I had no idea Raggedy Ann and Andy's were so collectible? I must check out Ebay! I am like Kathleen...I use Ebay to check out prices too. I just went to a couple yard sales recently and did that. Of course, many times I cannot find my item I purchased at all! Great post and my oh my are you ever a HUGE Raggedy A & A fan!

Jean said...

Smile Day this week was no let down at all but great as always. Wow on the prices!! My goodness. Did you read in the paper about the mother that was on e-bay and did'nt log out and her your child went and bought a big, high priced item? The child was about 3, I think and the item was something like a backhoe. Can't remember all the details right now. I read it both in the Portland paper and the Times Record. The woman got out of with some paperwork and explaing how her daughter did it.

Skeeter said...

Jean, That is too funny!

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Congrats on finishing your last block! Cute kitties. I love reading about your dolls. As you well know, with all my whining, I'm becoming almost a minimalist. Thank goodness for your blog. I can "have" things I like vicariously!

Are you on to sewing the quilt together now? I've never done a quilt so this is also fascinating to watch.

lawyerjourno said...

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