Friday, June 26, 2009

Maine Museum

With the flurry of the end of the school year, Madame, class and several volunteers took a trip to the Maine Museum. It was eventful for her, eventful because she had my camera and took 100 pictures. A lot of her photos came out blurry but here are some that are okay or clear.
I'm not sure I realized there are so many different colors of this guy!

Another picturesque shot of what we have here in Maine, I have no idea who the gentleman is.

Back in them there days...the father of the bride had these cannons!

Pretty neat, huh? Can you imagine people commuting in this today?

I'm sure the railway cars were used to transport logs or wood, not everyone had a convenient river next door to them.

More sawmill.....

even back then, I believe they had portable mills, they were the first to go where no man had gone before. these are the logs of the star ship enterprise.....wait! Wrong place.

Looking a little more modern.

I'm not real sure how sailing end up with biking but here it is.....

Musket shooters.

I think...that's a coiled snake in the middle of this habitat.

Our quarry claims.

These were mixed in the photos of a kitchen so I'm assuming they are the packaging of ingredients commonly found.

Everyone recognizes the ole' Victrola.

I can't say Madame was just getting accustomed to my camera because some of these articles are under glass and I think to a minor aspect, it distorts the picture taking. Beautiful quilt though, she was excited about that one.

Indian attire....

and a ritual marriage robe.

and real live GIANT trout!
I'm thinking 100 years from now we will be seeing the first cell phone, this huge radio like thing with an antenna that you had to pull out from the phone itself.
For now.....I'm thanking my lucky stars for the invention of the ugly hand held caller, the bus would not start after this trip was done, thank goodness for cell phones and the fact Madame is so funny with adults, her responses was, " long do you think we will be?" C&G Design


Lola said...

Madame sure did a great job. I know she had a wonderful day.
My DH would have liked the ones about the wood cutting.
Very interesting.

Jean said...

I have never been but it looks like a good place to go.

Kathleen said...

Oh Dawn, you made me laugh today! Great photo comments! We had some sun today, and put in one of our air conditioners...I had doubts that would happen this summer, because it had been so cool. Have a great week-end! Hugs, Kathleen

tina said...

Finally getting around. We were out of town all day. Renting the house as selling it is out of the question in these times.

Looks like a lovely trip. Love the quilt and snake.

Skeeter said...

Looks like a neat place to visit! I bet that man in the picture was wondering why he was being photographed. tee hee...