Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Poem

For the man who has my heart;

and the promise never to part.

For the Dad to our son;

and the days of being young.

For the Dad to our daughter;

our blood is thicker than water.

For holding hands while we sleep;

and the rings I'll always keep.

For not having all the money;

priceless is the name of "Honey..''

And in those moments when I'm ''smart''

thanks for putting the horse...before the cart.

Happy Birthday, darling, sweetheart.

From me.


Lola said...

What a lovely poem Dawn. You never cease to amaze me with your talents.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your special one.

tina said...

Happy Birthday JOAT! Wonderful poem Dawn.

Roses and Lilacs said...

How romantic to write him a poem. Hope he has a happy birthday.

Debbie said...

Oh Dawn you are such a romantic! Happy Birthday to the love of your life! He has such a kind face...you can see in his eyes that he loves you so and is a very special guy. Have a great b-day together. By the way...nice job on those chairs for your mom! I can see that it was a collaborative effort....you and the hubs! I wish I knew how to do that and many of the other things you do so well.

Skeeter said...

Happy Birthday to Jack Of All Trades! And now we see you are a poet as well as seamstress, doll restorer, furniture restorer, and on and on. No ending for your talents girl...

Jean said...

Wow Dawn, awesome poem!!!

Happy Birthdat to my son-in-law!!!! I love you too. I remember your mother said to me one time that if she had picked a wife for her son she could not have done a better job. I feel the same way, I could not have come close to the choice that Dawn made. So glad you are part of my family.

Protector of Vintage said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful marriage. The poem was very lovely. Hope your husband has a happy day.

Kathleen said...

As the blog was coming up, I'm thinking, "Now who is this handsome guy?" I should have known.....Happy Birthday to You! Who made the better catch here? Hugs, Kathleen