Monday, November 16, 2009

New shelves

I am still unpacking my craft room and I can not believe some of the things I've been finding, it's like Christmas! Anyway, you guessed it.....more lost dolls found. I pestered hubs make me my floating shelves. It wasn't easy as he wanted to build a frame then line with balsam wood. Not! That is too much work for what I want!

A simple purchase of two 12 inch bi-fold doors, sawed in half and slipped over the cleat nailed to the wall.

Done! Hour and a half tops. Don't tell Madame but these plastic boxes are for beanie babies. Shhhh. C&G Design


tina said...

Wonderful shelves! I love the floating shelves myself very much.

Debbie said...

How cool that you have a craft room!! Mine is upstairs in an old bedroom but it's more of a collection of unfinished projects tucked here and there! At least YOU finish projects...arggg...I guess I have the attention span of a flea or something! The floating shelves are cool...what else will you be doing in there?

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Dawn!
I love your craft room. How awesome is that. So much space. I am so loving those new shelves. Recycle everything sweetie. Bi-fold doors to shelves.

I have all my beanie babies, packed in storage in tubs in the attic. Too many and not enough room.

Can't wait to see everything up and finished. Thanks for sharing.

Please stop by and say hi. I would so love the company.

Country hugs...Sherry

Roses and Lilacs said...

I'm not sure what floating shelves are. Does that mean they don't have a frame?

I envy you having a craft room.

Protector of Vintage said...

The shelves look wonderful!

Skeeter said...

They look great Dawn or should I say JOAT side he made them for you.... :-)

Jean said...

The shelves are not in the craft room are they? They look like they are by the stairs going up to the craft room or maybe even by the stairs in the living room. They will come in might handy where ever they are. Good job JOAT.

Dawn said...

No, the shelves are by the stairs that go to the craftroom. I didn't mean to write that that way, I jumped too quick in explaining myself. The shelves are a big part of unpacking the craftroom and finding my little collection and displaying it on these. The craftroom is still packed mostly construction items and toys though, hardy no crafts.
Marnie, A floating shelf is a shelf where you can not see how it is attached to the wall, a long piece of wood is attached to the studs (the first photo) Then the open side of the shelf is slid over the wood and nailed downward through the attached wood, and upwards if you want. They are pretty painted or stained.

CC said...

I love your pretty shelves..and oooo, how I would love a room devoted strictly to my crafting. It would have to be a large room..for I love and have tried most all crafts..and love them all. MY problem is time..never enough time for all I want to do. I love your pretty dolls and can't wait to see more..xxxx CC

Kathleen said...

Love the craft room, and those shelves will work out just great, I can tell. My craft room is the spare room. I like to call it my "studio". Ahem....Those boudoir dolls, are you going to sell them on Etsy? I really like them. Have a great evening, Dawn! Hugs, Kathleen