Sunday, November 1, 2009

A New Award

I'm delighted to accept this award from CC at Lace-n-Ribbon Roses, it is very cute and makes a statement ANYONE can live with, don't cha think?

Okay, I'm to tell six things about myself than pass this cutie along to six bloggers. For the people I name, they have no obligation to accept, they are bloggers I visit and I believe they are deserving of this statement.

Here we go.....

1. My favorite color is burnt orange.

2. I sing, rather loudly along with the stereo, while driving alone.

3. I color my hair. (that's a no brainer!)

4. I like to nibble raw cookie dough.

5. I like scary, suspenseful movies, but any thing that threatens a child gives me nightmares! (Jurassic Park comes to mind)

6. I want to do alot of camping when I retire (!?)

Now onto the bloggers I want to honor,

1.Kathleen at Rural Maine Life

2. Debbie at Blueberry Plains

3.Nancy at La Chambre Rose

4. Jennifer at MaidenShade Matters

5. Ann at The Protector of Vintage

6. Kieny at The Dutchlady

Everyone, have a wonderful week! C&G Design


Tracey said...

congrats on your award and I can't wait to see what my sister writes about!! Have a great November 1st!

Jean said...

Yup, anyone could live with it. Congrats to you!!

Darren and Michelle just left as they came down to say a quick goodbye before heading back to Arkansas. They think they will sped a couple of nights in Boston to see the sights in Boston but want to be home by Friday.

tina said...

Congrats to ya!

Debbie said...

Oh Dawn I am honored! Thank you my friend! I have not been blogging lately but will get to this tonight...I promise! Hope you had a nice Halloween and all is well. I just read your previous post and your kids were sooooo cute! Thanks again and now I have to do some thinking about what I am going to write and who to give the award to? Is that how it works? Hope so!...thanks...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. HHmmm eating raw cookie dough . . . interesting :-)


(Your daughter is so tiny and cute in her MInnie costume, very opposite from her brother :-))