Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

This is a re-post from 5/25/09.

A moment of ponder...C&G Design.


lola said...

Good Morning Dawn.
I hope you & your family have a wonderful Memorial Day.
It's a sad {but thankful} day for a lot of folks.
I love the "rose" in the last pic. Did you do that?

Cinj said...

Hello Dawn. Love the effect of the rose too. Have a wonderful day!

Jean said...

A day to ponder for sure.

Hope all have a good holiday weekend and a safe one.

tina said...

Yes indeed.

Leann said...

I enjoyed your tribute and am just getting to visit everyone from Pink Saturday!

Enjoy your holiday!

Thanks for stopping by.

Kathleen said...

It's good to ponder these things.....Cold predicted for tonight. The flower plants are all coming in again. (groan) Hugs, Kathleen

Skeeter said...


tina said...

A wonderful tribute indeed!

P.S. Once a post is posted it seems it does not show on the feeds or blogrolls.

Rebecca said...

Dawn, I read your explanation re. your family's contribution to our armed forces.

My brother was Air Force, and three of his sons followed. His daughter is Navy. I'm very proud to claim them and thankful for their commitment.

Jean said...

We have been a family with many in the military and have been so very lucky. With the exception having problems caused from agent orange we have been free from the harm that comes to many from giving to this great country of ours. I always say, it is not perfect but it is the best there is. We owe most of that to our military.