Thursday, May 27, 2010


For the last 3 days it has been in the 90's here. Hot, much like a blast furnace. I thought Sunday, it was kinda nice, but today.....the stillness has been stifling. It was chilly last week and I was assuming, since the weatherman predicted rain by the middle of the week thru Memorial day, it would be chilly again. Well, the weatherman has changed his story and we are no closer to breaking out the a/c.

The air was heavy and hard to breathe, eating a cooked meal is out of the question. Roasting by oven and sweating by silverware is not my idea of a enjoyable family meal.

My 13 year old dog has panted straight for the last two days, my reclusive cat has lazied around on my umbrella shaded deck table having not near the energy to hunt, chase or torture anyone but me. Who invited her up there anyway?

My Siamese thinks she owns the other end of the deck and flops around whenever she gets the chance.

My other cat, the Maine coon cat that is so sweet and lovable, who has a four inch fur coat because he won't let us shave him,..........wants to snuggle.
I'm beginning to believe he's covering and instead,
is truly insane. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


Debbie said...

Hi Dawn! Oh do I hear you on this!!! Arrrggggg!! Hubby usually sleeps in later than me because he is up late with work. Yesterday I asked him to get up before I left so we could install the AC. It is a HUGE one and has to be brought up from the cellar....very heavy to lug. We got it in and I left. I came back to a wonderful comfy, cool, home, instead of a stiflingly hot one. The animals appreciated it too! Can you believe it is this hot and not even the end of May yet? What the heck is going on in our world anyway? I would get that AC going if I were you! :)

Skeeter said...

Welcome to the South Dawn. hee hee. You are describing each and every day of our summers here.LOL...

Roses and Lilacs said...

We had the heat last weekend and the first part of the week. Thankfully, it has cooled down into the 80's.

Hang in there, I think this cooler weather is coming your way.

Lola said...

Temps are up & down here. Makes for people getting sick & taking forever to recover.
That is rather hot for your area. When you think of that area you always think "cool".

Jean said...

Yupa, I also hear ya. I hate the heat!!!! Only reason to have heat like this is to swim so hope Terri-Lynn gets the pool opened soom. We brought (well, Billy did) the a/c's downstairs a couple of days ago. OMG, I can't believe the Maine Coon, with all that hair wans to snuggle, ugh.

tina said...

The heat is rough for sure. I know you guys are not used to it but it passes quickly enough. Do you have a pool for Tartarus? I have one for my mutts and they practically live in it. Saves a dog many a day.

Dawn said...

Tina, We hosed him, mostly on the back and chest not on the joints, he was wagging the ole' tail (still works!).
There is some water in the want-a-be pond that in younger days he would lay down in, also the brook out back. With his joints the way they are he pretty much sticks to me, a good thing with the cold brook water. It's better today 70's and nice.
Mom, wooly has a appointment on tuesday for a cut, too many mats and he'll suffer this summmer, I've a feeling. Yes, he still loves, unbelievable. AND covers his eyes!

Protector of Vintage said...

We had similar weather last week! The humidity was torture.