Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Night at the Oscars

For 9 years now our school district has had a M I Movies festival, it's a night of celebrating the winners and their submitting movies from our elementary schools, 9 towns to be exact. My son participated in it 6 years ago when the festival was very young and our school didn't even place. Well, Madame and her friends got together and wrote a skit, a cute skit at that. I remember it well....she was deathly sick for three days and worried about filming at the school. I brought her in on one of those days so she could do her part and the "producer" told her to go home, it could wait until Monday. It did. They filmed her part and the ending on Monday, just in time for the deadline. Here she is whining about the wind blowing her hair around and mussing up her make-up. The nights activities are quite impressive, the local wealthy businessman and the car dealerships donate the use of their classic cars to transport the "Hollywood stars" to the main entrance of the high school (from the back entrance of the school) and all the players are anxious to get the limousine, every car was beautiful. The festival has gotten so much larger that they had to have a previewing before the award night. We were dismayed to find we missed it, ugh. Only the winner's were shown on this night. Here Madame is standing for a pose and at the last second decided her hair was blown in her eyes. Grrrr

The gist of Madame's I Movie is a student looking for a definition of the word "gelatinous" and he is talking about it's meaning in front of a large dictionary. Two "Guide words" pop out and explain their uses. Ahhh, a pose below!

Then other "words" (actors) jumped out of the dictionary and explained their meanings. One was "mimic" to which 2 actors jumped out and one copied everything the other one said. Cute stuff. The actors were allowed to chose their own word. Madame was last to get out of the dictionary and her word was "schlemiel". She played the klutz with eschewed clothing and mussy hair, she stumble a lot too. The movie has one guy and seven girl, the "guy" had the search for the word "Gelatinous". Here are 5 girls and the guy. I wish I could show his expression because it was soooo cute, but I have no permission to show any of Madame's friends and I want to respect it but trust me, he was the only one looking at me and his eyebrows were really raised. Tee hee... At the end of the film all the "words" are together and they yell "sticky" to the Gelatinous seeker and each one pops a sticky note to him all at the same time. Cute stuff, I could tell it was by what Madame was saying to me. Here she is after getting out of the limo, I asked her for a photo and she came over to hand me her water bottle. **SIGH**

A much better photo is below, she managed to get the limo and then walk the red carpet with her friends.

Well, the first winners were for a people's choice (voted the night of preview) and a special award for a past chairperson who is no longer with us. None were from my school. Then the award for k-3rd which had 4 entries. Yea! Our school took first! Oh, I knew 4 out of six of the first grade students! Well.....then 4-5th grade. Our school placed 2nd, not bad out of 8 entries, not bad at all. Then 6th grade was up.......12 entries, the most ever in I movie will really be bad if we don't get top 3......believe me.....30 some odd entries and we see nothing! Dictiopia took first! All the actors got to go on stage and get their metal, certificate and the "Oscar" Madame was handed the trophy, she could barely breathe! How happy everyone was, to "clean-up" and do so well! The Oscar get to stay at our school for the next year and has the title of our movie on a plaque on the side of it.

Whew! I'm glad I got to see her movie....C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


Roses and Lilacs said...

It sounds like a fun idea. Making a movie and they having a glamorous award show. Your daughter looks lovely.

tina said...

How wonderful for Madame and her school! I also think it most neat the local dealership donated the use of the cars.

Lola said...

Way to go. Congrats. Wish I could have seen it.

Debbie said...

Oh that Madame is so photogenic! She is just adorable and so involved in so many different things. You sound like you are right there with her grabbing onto every minute of the show! Great job and how do you black out the faces of those people?