Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Doll Hair

Doll hair is made of, or called Saran, it is a nylon by-product I believe. It is what gives the soft silky feel and appearance to a brand new doll doo. Unfortunately it also stretches and breaks, it's the frazzled, brittle bad hair you will see on most older dolls that managed to be around today. There really isn't a way of restoring saran hair except to replace it. Another enemy of any doll's hair is dust. Dust clings to saran and if it isn't removed occasionally it will act like a grease and mat the hair when a child attempts to comb it. A collector needs to briskly dust their dolls when they flex every movable joint the dolls have. The joint rotating will help prevent sticking formed by the humidity that causes plastic to degrade, refreshing with powder every year is wise. I admit, I've neglected this once or twice. Saran is next near impossible to find in a loose form. I could order all kinds of pre-made wigs and not be sure what they are. Instead I located this at my local GW. (Here I go again).

Never used Kanekalon hair. I found two in the auburn and one package in the blondish. What the hey, it was $.99 each and even if I didn't need it to re-root, I could custom make other wigs, right!? Well, when I felt I would need more auburn for my Sayco doll I had to search the Internet. Do you know, I found the same salon that was on the original price tag? and the collection with this color number? Course, even at a $1.00 more per package and maybe more for matching eyelashes, I was very very pleased and will be a regular customer of this place. What's surprising......is......Kanekalon is hair extensions for humans! It feels to be the next best thing to saran. How does it behave?? You can't blow dry your hair while wearing these extensions because the hair will melt like saran BUT! you can use a cool blow dryer on dried hair to shape, style and curl.

I guess we will be doing that to help the re-rooting to lay down,
it seems to have a mind of it's own. C&G Design

Words and photos by Dawn,C&G Design.


tina said...

A good buy indeed. She looks great!

Lola said...

I have learned something else today.
She is looking good. Love that hair.

Debbie said...

Nice job and like Lola said, I learn every time I come here!

Roses and Lilacs said...

That's interesting. Eyelashes too. That sounds like it might be difficult.

Anonymous said...

*** Each time I go to your site I am astounded w/your creativity and professionalism! Your dolls are magnificent! Your work should be displayed in a national magazine. At the least, an article in our local newspapers.
Such classy work!
Fondly - GeeGee ***

Kathleen said...

Hi Dawn, I've been catching up on your blog posts, and I see you are as busy as ever. What amazes me all the time, is that you are so good at every craft you do. How is that possible? You must have been born with a special "crafting gene". Nice to see ya
Hugs, Kathleen