Friday, January 1, 2010


1/1/1 0h, sounds interesting, this is a re-post from last New Years Day. I just think it's so cute.

By Margaret G. Hayes
Illustrated by Grace G. Drayton

ONCE'T ther' was a 'ittle boy---
What maked some resolushuns,
On New Year's Day---'at he would stop
A-bein' sech a "Noo-sanse."
He sed, he'd start in takin' bafs
Without no drivin'to it;
He sed, he'd go to bed at night
Soon as he's telled to do it.
An' after this he'd stick to trufe,
'An never tell a fib;
He never more'd put a frog
In baby sister's crib;

He'd never take the cookie box
When cook had jus' fresh filled it;
He'd always say: 'at it was him
Too Muvver's c'lone, an spilled it.
He'd let the poor cat live in peace,
No more fill Gran'dad's pipe wif grease:

He'd quit a-teasin' 'ittle girls
Wif catty-pillars in their curls.
When Sister's best beau comes to call
He'd never hide--an' tell--a-tall;
He'd never climb on kitchen roofs
To hide Granny-ma's false toofs;
He'd never take Aunt Belle's gold puffs,
An' stuff 'em in her new beau's cuffs.
Green apples? No, he'd never steal,
Nor monkey wif Big Bruvver's wheel:
He'd clean his teef, an' scrub his neck,
An' never sulk the leastes' speck,

When comp'ny comes an' he's helped last.
Folks 'll forget his naughty past.
These resolushuns, when he maked 'em,
He meaned to keep--but oh, he breaked'em!
So now he says: "Folks, do not fear"
I'll make a bran' new set--Nex' Year."

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Jean said...

Oh that is so cute!! I just love it.

Happy New Year to all in this wonderful blogland.

tina said...

Cute! I love it too!

lola said...

Real cute. Sounds like a little boy made of "snails, nails & puppy dog tails"

Skeeter said...

That was so cute....

Late night so time for a nap now...

Marina said...

oh, my gosh, how beautiful are those images!!!
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy wishes for 2009!

Protector of Vintage said...

That was fun to read! What's the hometown hero all about?

Jean said...

It is cute enough to repeat for sure. It makes for a good laugh for sure and we can all relate.