Monday, January 25, 2010

Another Musical Event

Imagine my delight to casually hear that Madame has been chosen for the District Honor Festival for her saxophone playing. What a good accomplishment!
She is very mellow about it because she thinks it will interfere with all her other activities although I tell her that's not the case.
Everyone else is excited for her and has mentioned it to me, hopefully she will bring home the permission slip soon.
And feel wonderful about it! C&G Design


tina said...

What a proud moment!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Congratulations! She is a very talented young lady.

Jean said...

Many kudos to Madame. Way to go girl!!!!! It will be fine and you will have a great time and have a good warm feeling of self pride.

Kathleen said...

Did Madame get all her talent from her Mom? I swear, seems that girl can do anything.....and she's beautiful, too. What an honor, she must be really proud. Way to go, Madame! Hugs, Kathleen

Nancy said...

Congratulations! Why is it we want those opportunities more than our children? At about 20, they will get it. LOL!

Skeeter said...

Madame, you never cease to amaze me girl.... YOU ROCK!!!