Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Face

Remember what the face of the gypsy looked like? She had several cracks around her right eye, well, let me tell ya...the worst one to repair was the one that went from the right eye to the left. The edge of the finish had started to curl upward so no matter how many coats of paint I hand rubbed or how many times I sanded, it wasn't enough. There was a constant shadow. I snapped a picture of the first layer of paint, all the cracks did fair except the darn one in the middle.

Needless to took about 12 to 15 layers of paint before I was satisfied with how she looked. These are the same cracks on her one hand, they didn't fair so well with the coats of paint as I discovered the more I slathered on the more to definition of the fingers, disappeared. *sigh*

Did I mention my boudoir doll is marked? It has a W-K- and something that either is a inches mark or at one time, the number 14. I'll have to do some research on them.

I did not retouch her eyes except to paint lower lashes, the red corner dot and line the upper lid, there was not anything wrong with her eyes except for a little dust.

I'm so happy with her color, her base was beautiful to work with and it was hard for me to stop working on her. I haven't even paid to many visits to my blogger friends! Not to worry I'll be around soon.

You would have to know where she had cracks to see the flaws as they are slight.
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Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Dawn sweetie...
You are such a magic worker for the dolls that were put away, given away, and forgotten about. She looks so stunning. What a beautiful job you did. Have you name her? She needs a name for sure. I love her eyelashes, and you would never know that she had such a crushed face. Never even know it. Her coloring is perfect.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

tina said...

She's looking beautiful! You should hang out a shingle saying you repair dolls 'Doll Hospital' maybe?

Kathleen said...

What a beautiful make-over. You would never know she had all those cracks. She is just beautiful. You are a miracle worker, Dawn. Congrats on weight loss, Hugs, Kathleen

Nancy said...

Dawn: You have been so productive! Beautiful dolls and excellent restoration.

Not much happening on my blog to miss. I'm trying to keep my chin up since the boys are all gone now. One returns soon, dh.

Fed Ex can't find me so my sewing machine is still not here. See, my perception of my VT is real! LOL!

Roses and Lilacs said...

She looks wonderful. No one would ever know her face was once so badly cracked.

I admire you for being so productive. I just waste my time reading and haven't gotten much done this winter. I had planned to do lots of scrapbooking and learn to knit.

Jean said...

Wow, she looks great!!! Tina is so right. Can't wait to see her all finished up.

Skeeter said...

Job well done my friend! You are so good at restoring dolls that you should take this up as a side job! You could earn extra money to find more dollie treasures!

Ha, I just read where Tina says you should hang out your shingle! Great minds think a like :-)

Protector of Vintage said...

Dawn, you are so talented! She looks beautiful.

Lola said...

Great job Dawn. You are so talented.

Debbie said...

Wow Dawn....this one was truly amazing....the transformation is so evident...I bow to you...the doll are like a plastic surgeon for old dolls!! Bravo!! Once again, I applaud you my friend! I really think you should open an online shop called the Doll Doctor!! Really!!