Monday, January 4, 2010


It's time to get the box of goat's hair out so I can brush through the mohair and create a wig. Oh, I'm almost done but can I do a wig for her? The style doll she is, to size and the fact she was never meant to be a play doll, (most composition dolls were) dictated she not need a full head wig. All I need is a few pieces of gauze, one for stitching on at the part and one up around the wide area of the head.
As before, lay your mohair on the base (gauze) and place a piece of scotch tap on the line of stitching, it makes to mohair feed through the machine.

Since the part had one side of long hair sewn on, I split the amount of that hair and pinned it to the other side, this provides a concealed area to the ends of the mohair while making a hair part for the wig. I then placed my wide part of the wig at the back end of the part (making a "T" with the gauze), be sure you are pinning at the center of the wide piece. That way it will curl around the sides of the head. Pin the strands of the mohair for the part to the second, wider piece, this way you will have a cup formed shape that will fit the doll perfectly, if not you can tighten up on the lower piece, pulling the hair farther back. Hand stitch using the back stitch. I used crochet thread also, it seem a lot of the older wigs were made with this kind of thread.
And your done! Except for cutting and styling.....
and doing a dye job, remember my doll had yellow blond. I may of got the yellow to bright only time will tell.
Maybe I can mock fade it somehow.....C&G Design


tina said...

Platinum blondes are all the rage now. Too cool how you make the wig.

Kathleen said...

I simply cannot wait to see this doll's hair, and see how she looks when you are finsihed. I love glam dolls, high fashion, and I am in hot anticipation to see this particular doll all done. You are pretty good with wigs, Dawn....maybe you could do something with my hair? :) Hugs, Kathleen

Jean said...

My goodness, I wish I had the talent you good crafters have.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Dawn, it's so cold here, the only thing that entered my mind was how warm that looks. Of course the doll doesn't care, but I'm thinking a mohair wig for me;)