Monday, January 11, 2010

The Gypsy

I thought I would start on the gypsy boudoir doll, I really couldn't help myself, it seems like it's been waiting soooo long.She is in alright condition but maybe not a easily repair condition. She has eyelashes that protrude out from under the lid. Can you see one is lower than the other? That's because of the crack and the shifting of the composition. I think this little lady was dropped rather than the hot-cold temperatures of storage.

She has this lovely dress with the most delicate black lace around the red part of the shirt. The lace will need to be replaced but perhaps the pieces can be used for her head.

One hand has what looks like another impact damage, but other than that the rest of her is good.

Someone has removed her chest and under clothes so those will need to be reconstructed. I believe the gown to be original because you can see the staple snags on the back where it was attached to the breastplate.

Well, I started with the dress, see the dirty price tag mark in the center of the chest? I was concerned about removing that without tearing the silk itself. It turned out to be alright but boy! Was the water the dirtiest I've ever seen.
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tina said...

Good luck restoring her. I wonder what dolls would say if they could talk.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Dawn, she looks like Cher:) It will be interesting to see how you fix her.

Protector of Vintage said...

She is lovely. Can't wait to see the make-over.

Jean said...

Well since you do such wonderful work with dolls I know her finest hour is yet to come. Have fun!!

Kathleen said...

She does look like glam and exotic. I can't wait to see her all done. I have tried to embroider, but the eyes are not what they used to be. I have to buy a magnifier with light. And then maybe I will be able to see the holes in the aida cloth. So frustrating. Hugs, Kathleenr