Sunday, January 3, 2010

Coppertone Candi

Do you remember the tanned toddler on the beach with the puppy tugging at his diaper? It was an ad from Coppertone.
Whatever happened to the cute ad?
Coppertone Candi came along. She was the doll to rival Farrah Fawcett. Candi had like Farrah hair and she came with her own make-up set, even coloring to turn her to tan.
When I picked up Candi I was REALLY unsure of who she was, I thought.....Cheryl Tieges because Candi is so long legged like Cheryl, she even has her fashion high heels, but say it isn't so.
I have to admit though, I never believed my ideas on her, The Bionic Woman was another.
It wasn't until recently I found her on the Internet and was quite delighted to discover she still had her original clothing, under the skirt is a cute pair of shorts. All of the elastic had to be replaced as it was stretched.
Candi is made by Mego and dates to 1979.
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Tracey said...

I don't remember her at all!! did she come with a tanned face mask?? That's just strange. Great doll though.. thanks for sharing in this nostalgic way!

Kathleen said...

I don't remember her either, but I think I was past dolls by the time she came out. I do have fondness in my heart for all fashion dolls. Must be because I fell in love with Barbie at 8 years old. It was a great way to have a fantasy, all those clothes, and that Ken and GI Joe! How much snow did you get? Hugs, Kathleenbar

tina said...

Can't say I remember Candi, but I do remember Coppertone and how everyone had to be tanned back in the 70s-by the sun and not tanning booths.

Jean said...

I am with all the others and do not remember this doll but always like the coppertone baby on the beach.

Have you started your addition yet to hold all the pretty dolls. You will need to soon I think.

Debbie said...

She looks familiar Dawn but I don't remember her either. I do remember the cute ad though for coppertone! You certainly have quite a collection of dolls. Boy...we got hit hard with snow huh? I opened my door to let Obie out this morning and the door shoveled the snow on the deck! It just started snowing again. You know it's bad when they cancel church everywhere!

Protector of Vintage said...

I don't remember Candi, either. Glad you posted the information about her.

CC said...

I remember the ad..but I don't remember the doll. She's quite beautiful.. you will have to make her some more clothes. You do such wonders with doll..they're all so pretty when you finish.

Nancy said...

Dawn, I have been over to read a few times and been interrupted along the way, a FEW times. a comment, the boys are gone for a little bit!

Snow everywhere. It hasn't been too bad here, although Burlington received three feet. I saw a picture of Bangor and the streets were bare and the snow banks were small. I'm thinking you may get less snow than us? If so, no fair!!! :-)

120 days to Spring.

Love your find and your project now.