Sunday, January 10, 2010

Revealing Helen (Hayes)

Today is the day I reveal my latest restored doll and I must say that she is actually a boudoir doll from the 1930's or 1940's. Here is what she looked like when I first saw her. This is what she looks like now.

Here is a almost full body photo,

and here she is again.

But...but... this is what called to me when I saw her on EBay, her wonderfully large hat! A large percent (if not all) of boudoir dolls have something dressed on their head.

How gorgeous is that! I added a duel strand of old weighted beads to glam her up a bit more.

A girl must accessorize.

A side looking glance,

and a back view. Don't ya love her wig? It curled with bobby pins set for a few days, I tried to make her hair more of a flappers instead of the wavy up sweep.
Since purchasing her I've won another bid on EBay for two in a package. This boudoir doll is 26 inches the others are 30''. One is a bride, the other has a Spanish look.
We all agree she needs to be a gypsy. Should be fun. C&G Design


Debbie said...

What a great job Dawn!! Bravo to you and your talents once again. The doll doctor has performed her magic! I love that hat and the cool blanket stitch around the edge of it. The hat seems Spanish to looks like a Mariachi hat!...that's just me though...don't go by that! I can't believe the job you did on her face and body...very...very cool. I am going a littl stir crazy over here so I finally posted a bit. I am just finishing another folk art pillow....I will reveal soon...this ones about 3 feet long!

Jean said...

She is a beauty for sure and I also love the hat. Two more coming, oh my, where are you gonna put them all?

Kathleen said...

Helen looks just fabulous. Wish you could do a make-over for me. Helen must be thinking how happy she is she was found by you. You did a great job. Can't wait to the gypsy.....I just love these boudoir dolls, they are so glam, so girly. Well done, oh Queen of crafters! Hugs, Kathleen

CC said...

Again, you have worked your magic and brought another beautiful girl back. She's just gorgeous Dawn, what a wonderful job you've done with her. Can't wait to see the next two..