Monday, July 6, 2009

1 Out of 5, Marie Antoinette

I sold my Shakespeare block.....and every since then I have been hoarding my cartons, I started to do the process again, this time I'm making 5 at a time and both covers are completely square. No half cutting. I have seen a lot of bloggers entertain Marie Antoinette in their crafts, so this is block 1, Marie. I'm posting only 3 photos out of the six photo's that will be featured on the block.

The four children of Marie and Louis is one photo I think is worth while looking at, she seemed a doting mom. My photos need cropping by the main subjects stay, a lot of the background gets cut.

Marie at thirteen, Louis sent for a photo of her before marriage took place.

Wasn't she beautiful? C&G Design


tina said...

Congrats on selling your other block. This one will turn out nice too.

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

I predict this will be a hit! Great theme.

Featured your sites on my blog today, Tuesday. Stop by for a look.

Lola said...

Great idea. She was a stunning lady.
Congrats on the sale.
How is your garden doing. Hope it's dried out some.

Kathleen said...

Now you know this will be a favorite of mine. Go Marie! I can't wait to see this finsihed. I know this will be a hot item for you. I tried taking five small blocks, and putting her first name on them.(one letter per block) But, I didn't like the way they turned out, and I am going to trash them. Back to the drawing board. More rain today (sigh) hugs, Kathleen

Debbie said...

Ok girls....I have NO idea what ya'll are talking about here but it sounds good. Dang...I really need to get more into crafts! I DO love the photos of Marie and family. Dawn...maybe you could drop in a link to what you are talking about here...I'm lost! How's tar-tar doing?

Jean said...

Yup, she was a beauty and a great lady. I bet this one will sell as soon as it goes up for sale. Congrats on selling the other one.