Sunday, July 5, 2009

Poor, Poor, Peter Rabbit

What was I thinking!?! How many years had I looked at this pretty, vintage, floor length skirt made from this fabric? Too many. Then found a vintage rabbit pattern and created this bunny. That was about...hummm..15 years ago. He has sat in my kitchen, occupying the unused Captain's chair all this time, dummy me threw him in the washing machine, ha! Like I said, "What was I thinking!?!"

His arms AND his legs proceeded to be agitated off, he did have a ribbon around his neck, that got twisted so many times, I had to re stuff, take a few tucks, just to get it to look right. Poor, poor Peter rabbit. I found him stuffed in a box, searched high and low for matching vintage buttons, stitched and hid the rips.

Luckily I had pinned the right button eye on him otherwise, he'd had to have new ones. The whiskers are long gone.

And no more ribbon for the neck C&G Design


tina said...

It happens sometimes. So glad he is fixed and right at home on that chair.

Debbie said...

Wow....what an amazing doll doctor you are! You should really start an antique doll hospital or something on the side! Too cute. I recently saw a chair that someone covered with an antique crazy quilt! I loved that idea. I also like the idea of covering a chair with old chenile bedspreads...dolls look good with that material too. must have been reincarnated from a master seamstress from the 1700-1800's because you are always preserving things and using every little thing you get. I bet you have a hard time throwing anything I right? It's quite a gift you have you know.

Kathleen said...

A very handsome and clean rabbit. I agree with are the doll doctor and historian. I find out new info everytime I visit. Hey, it makes me look real smart. The SUN is out this AM...I can hardly belive my eyes. And, we had two sales yesterday in our new shop. Life is good. Hugs, Kathleen

Jean said...

He looks great and that chair is just the perfect spot for him!!!!

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

I'm so glad you could save him...he is too cute. I love those old patterns.

Hope your dog is doing well. How difficult this must be for all.

We actually have sunshine off and on in VT today. It rained on Friday and Saturday, very hard at times.

Good to end the holiday and start the week with sunshine.