Monday, July 20, 2009

July Veggie Garden Update

One month has gone by since I posted about my veggie garden, some things are going good, some are not. Join my sister, Tina, for a link for YOUR garden update. She is at In the Garden. Anyway, we will start with my peas, we planted a row and a half of sugar snap and a row and a half of little marvel, well "marvel" is on the right in the above picture and 2 rows back to back of "sugar" are one the left. Wee bit of difference.

Don't get me wrong, the half row of marvel, back to back with a sugar, are making peas, but.....

This is the half row of sugar snap after two harvest, and the other row of marvel (on the left),it is just pitiful.

Anyhow, meatloaf, scalloped potatoes and sauteed peas with garlic for Saturday's supper, yum!

My tomatoes are looking wonderful!And even a few have fruited!

I had a visitor on this day, the Great Spangled Fritillary. Thanks for the guide, Skeeter! I even found the hummingbird moth!

Carrots, cukes, and onions. Trust me....carrots LOVE ebson salts as a fertilizer.

Yipee! Flowers on the zucchini.

Another week or two and we will have fresh lettuce, spinach (last row to the left) not so good.

The first three rows of beans are starting to flower, the other three will be about 2 weeks. Gee, I'd better get going on the canning stuff!

The potatoes have jumped up two tires, and this is as far as we will go with it this season. We would like to see how well it does before putting the energy and time into two more tires, believe me thou, they have grown well.

I have six gourd plants and I thought the 3 at the lower end of the garden would do well but this one is at the upper, it's the best out of all six.

Corn, and I'm not sure of what it's height should be at this point, knee high? or not? My are just starting to really get going.

The bucket plan did not do so well, I think the bottoms ones did o.k. because they don't dry out as quick as the tops. I'm saying these are better to plant flower seedlings in, that will be the plan for next year.

And finally, a image taken from my bedroom window. We removed all the tools, the plow truck is packed for the summer and we planted grass seed.

Even that seems to be a little slow. C&G Design.


tina said...

Boy the vegetable garden looks great! It is way ahead of mine too. Great job especially with all the cool weather you've been having. Mom did the tire thing with her potatoes too. A good idea!

Debbie said...

Dawn!!! What a garden!!!!! I am sooo impressed!! I had forgotten how big it was! You have so much going on in your exciting!! Your corn is the perfect height...don't worry. The growers down the road from me grow early, middle of the season, and late corn for stalks probably in fall and your corn (and mine) matches their middle of the season. If it grows too fast, or you plant it too early, the stalks will be no good to decorate for fall as they die off. You are perfect! Your sugar snap peas look scrumptious. I opted to not grow them this year (I do EVERY year) because I got delayed. My gourds are extremely slow as are my cukes. I can't believe how many carrots you have! I love your thought of everything...including potatoes! You are my kind of gardener. I will share photos of my (little) garden this week. Thanks for sharing yours my's awesome and worth all the effort you put in. Canning??....I may try that this's been a few years.

Jean said...

It all looks great Dawn, good job.

Kathleen said...

Gee Dawn, your garden is looking great. Those tomoatos are coming right along. I haven't canned for about 12 years, I think this is the year to do it again. I have been so busy with the new shop, and the auction, and etc. But I feel great, happy and the sun is shining!!!!! Hugs, Kathleen

Lola said...

Your garden is looking great. I like the little people guarding your treasures. Did you make them?
My topsy turvy didn't do like I envisioned. I think next yr. I may seal the pots so hopefully they won't dry out so fast. I've learned they don't like the sun.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a gorgeous garden! I'm so envious. I just can't grow anything here in south Florida. I LOVE gardening too, so it is sorely missed.

Say, MaidenShade Matters is having a give away and I'm letting people on my "where I wander" blog list know. Please, pass it on!

Thanks, Jennifer

Protector of Vintage said...

Your garden looks wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

That is one big garden! I envy the space you have to grow all those yummy veggies. :) Can't wait to see how your potatoes do.

Rose said...

Dawn, I am so impressed with your garden! I remember visiting you when you had just finished preparing it all for planting. Looks like all that hard work has paid off. You should have a bountiful harvest!

Skeeter said...

Everything looks so good considering the rain and cool temps you have had in Maine this year! Ah, am glad the butterfly book came in handy! I refer to mine often...