Thursday, July 30, 2009

Constructing a New Pillow

It is....a rarity when I use a pattern but I wasn't not sure of the repeat lines sooo, cutting from the pattern is best in this case. And may I add, a lot of time is spent on getting your items together and cutting the pieces.
Though this looks like a complicated sewing technique, it was really quite fun to do. I was amazed how quickly the rows became shortened once I got past the first two. The lace is stitched from the outside rows in towards the short row.

As with all pillows...we must get the stuffing....just so.

After all, this jolly ole' fella is important!

Merry Christmas in July! C&G Design


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh My Gosh, Honey where did you find this pattern? I have to make one of these for my hall bench for the holidays. I collect Santa's and the grandkids would so love this one. How precious is this. Thank you for sharing this beautiful morning and this is just a Christmas morning post honey. Country hugs, Sherry

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
How cute is that?! If only I wasn't all thumbs and pinpricks when attempting to sew... but I am so I'll leave it to talented people like you.

Did you make up the pattern? Have a great day, xJ

tina said...

Cute. I guess now would be the time to get ready for the busy season of Christmas. Not ready here.

Jean said...

Good job Dawn and Madame, it is adorable.

Lola said...

OMG, what a lovely pillow. He is so cute. That one would look great on my couch for the holidays & the ggk would love him.
Great job "Madame & Mom".
Hey, that's catchy, could be a signature name for crafts made by yours truly.

Skeeter said...

Ah, just seeing Santa cools me off today! I hear thunder so better get off here...

Protector of Vintage said...

Very, very cute! The two of you are so talented!!

Leedra said...

This is soooooooo cute!

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Dawn said...

Hi Sherry, I can try to email the pattern to you, it is an older pattern from the 90's made by Vogue.
Hi Jen, I can't believe you don't sew, especially with your crafting and creativity.
Tina, Etsy is starting to hop now, good!
Thanks mom, I thought you'd like this guy.
Lola, your right, I ran that by Madame, she's thinking.
Skeeter, yeah! Rain for you! Gee wiz, it rained all night and we had a short shower pass at 3pm, urgh!
Thanks, Protector of Vintage. He was very fun to do!
Sorry, about the word verification but the links to mature sites was all I could take, especially on my birthday.

Dawn said...

Thanks Leedra, I almost missed you!