Friday, July 3, 2009

It's a Done Deal

Tartarus is going for surgery on Tuesday. It's been a long thought out decision that hasn't come to easy.

Just to update, he may or may not have Lyme, we are treating him as if he does have it, it's a different kind of antibiotic. It's for viral.

We had blood work reviewed with us: A mild elevation in the pancreas, that shows a ignorable inflammation, one of the symptoms of this is vomiting. Well, duh! I would of swore two years ago Tartarus was bulimic.

So where do we go from here? We left the vet's thinking the new antibiotic would be wonderful, the steroidal cream was working, and Tar is playful, he's not holding his head to the side and barely touches it, including shaking his head.

Well, the following day we finished to first antibiotic, it was for bacterial. The vet called us for a Monday appointment, a consultation with the vet doing the surgery, the same one who said, there's nothing we can really do. They couldn't give us an estimate without the doctor seeing what he was getting into.

Monday rolled around and sure enough, signs of infection came back, we had a lengthy talk with the vet.....he wants us to do it, biopsy, find out if it is connected to the enlarged lymps and maybe see a oncologist. *sob* We elected not to do a needle aspirate with the other vet because she kept saying..."send it away". The vet doing the surgery re-assured us the oncologist was a classmate of his, he could look at the slide and say weather or not, IF, it was clear enough. We did a needle aspirate. It took a long 5 to 7 minutes, I tried my best not to think about it but I became teary eyed and started focusing on the computer info station they have set up. You know, there are some really gross parasites both cats and dogs can get.

The doctor opened the door and gave a thumbs up, fatty cysts.

We updated Tar's shots, funny too, because when the doctor left to get the injections, my husband let out a huge sigh! Mine happened when I saw the thumbs up. What a relief!

The long and the short, his tumor is spreading, he has two other wart-like bumps on the back of the ear and, it's staying infected.

While Tartartus is a healthy, happy is the time. C&G Design


Jean said...

Things are looking up, so glad to hear that.

tina said...

My dogs have those fatty tumors too. I had one on BJ aspirated and found it was nothing to worry about. Seizures are his problem, but we live with them. So, are they going to remove the tumor from his head so he doesn't get affected anymore? I am not totally understanding. If so, good deal and all I can say is Go Tartarus!

Dawn said...

Tina, It's on his right ear, you can barely see it in the photo, they are amputating the ear.

Protector of Vintage said...

I hope all goes smoothly!!!

Kathleen said...

We love our pets so much, these things are slways so difficult. I have gone through some tough times with some of my dogs, and cats. I hope all will go well, and I will say a prayer for Tartarus for a speedy recovery. Amputating his ear? Will this make him a Van Gogh dog? (a little humor here). You will be in my thoughts, have a great 4th. Maybe the sun will come out!(more humor here) Hugs, Kathleen

Debbie said...

Oh Dawn I am sorry you have to go through all this. It is so emotionally draining and can be quite costly. I just read the comment you wrote to Tina...amputating the ear? I guess I am confused too. That must be the surgery you are referring to? Sorry he has to have that done but if he will be a healthier pooch than I guess it could be much worse...still not easy though. I was praying for your Tar-Tar for a while and had so many humans to pray for I guess I forgot!:( I will start praying again for him. Hang in are doing the best you can with the knowledge given to you. You are both wonderful parents to him! Talk about a lucky dog.

printersdevil said...

I will keep you and that precious pet in my T&Ps this week. I had to have my Blackjack put to sleep this week and miss him so much.